What Makes Hair Curly Or Straight?


What Makes Hair Curly Or Straight? Know everything about the shape of the hair and differences between curly and straight hair.

Why some people have straight, hair and others have natural curls? The question might sound simple but the answer is much complicated. We will tell you more about your hair. In addition, we will provide you with tips and tricks to help you keep your hair healthy and shiny.

The Secret Of Hair Shape

There are two main elements, which define your hair shape and growth: the shaft of your hair and the follicle. The shaft is the part of the hair seen by the eye. It is all over the length of your hair. The follicle is the part of your hair that is not seen. It is still within the scalp to hold the hair and prevent hair loss.
Mainly, the shape of the hair follicle determines whether your hair is naturally straight or naturally curly. People who have round follicle enjoy growing straight hair while people who have oval follicle enjoy the summer wavy hairstyle by nature. Moreover, people who have elliptical follicle have curly hair. The shape of the hair follicle is determined under the microscope.
There are many factors that change the hair follicle like side effects of some medications, hormonal change, and humidity. The change in most cases is temporary and go by washing your hair.
Moreover, the angle of hair growth affects your natural hair look. If your hair grows vertically down to the scalp, your hair is straight. While curly hair tunnels at an angel. This factor also affects whether your hair is oily or dry. Curly hair needs more care and routine because they are more likely to suffer from dandruff and scalp irritation problems.

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How To Have Your Own Hair Routine

Do you know that curly hair routine is so different than straight hair? In general, straight hair doesn’t need any hair products while curly hair needs more care. That’s why there are many curly hair products on the market. Straight hair is difficult to irritate. Problems like itching, dandruff, and dry hair are common among people who have curly hair. You have to make sure that you are getting the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type according to your hair porosity and your protein result test

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How To Look After Your Curly Hair

Curly hair is difficult to manage but once you start your own care routine, you will see amazing results. You should focus on reducing frizz and moisturizing your hair if it dries out quickly. With enough care, you will get define curls in a short time.
Basically, you will need a sulfate free shampoo or stop using shampoo at all. Instead, you should have a nourishing conditioner. After washing your hair with cool water, apply the conditioner and brush your hair with a curly hairbrush to remove any knots and tangles. After that, dry your hair using a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt.
For styling your hair, you can use a leave-in conditioner with a little amount of olive oil. The gel is great for keeping your natural curls the same for a longer time. crunch your hair and detangle using your fingers. For the last step, you can leave your hair to air dry or dry it using a diffuser. Hair diffuser is better for your curls as it allows you to dry the roots first, so you can have longer hair faster. You can apply deep conditioner weekly to have a silky smooth look.

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How To Look After Your Straight Hair

Don’t brush your straight hair when it is still wet. You can apply hair spray or oil and leave it for some time before brushing. Also, you can use the best blow dryer models to dry your hair safely in just minutes. They are suitable for quick professional hairstyles. see hair straightening tips.
People who have straight hair may suffer from flyaway hairs. It is a natural thing, yet you can prevent by using a blow dryer that works by the ionic technology. It will cut down the hair static electricity and prevent hair damage. If you are already suffering from damaged hair, see our full guide to help you.  check how to keep hair straight over night.
While problems with straight hair are not much as curly hair, the build-ups are more noticeable. If you want to achieve perfectly straight hair, see our full reviews of top hair straighteners

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Genes Control Your Hair

Scientists know that genes play an important rule on the hair shape. That’s why most people hair is similar to their parents’ hair type. Also, people in some regions have the same hair as east Asians. In addition to the genes, the environmental factors can affect your hair type and lead to irreversible damage like heat damage. Scientists are still looking for ways to fix hair problems and make your hair looks perfectly straight or well-defined curly hair. One of the best technologies is the ionic technology, which is embedded in the new blow dryers and flat irons hair styling tools to protect your hair and avoid overheating of the styling tools. You can achieve professional hairstyle at home using new models of flat irons.

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Now You know more about what makes hair curly or straight. Styling your hair says a lot about you. we all love to care about our hair and changing our hairstyle from time to time, especially on occasions. We made our homework and searched for the best heat styling tools that are suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair to help you style your hair without damage.
Whether you are searching for a high-quality blow dryer that protects your hair from damage, or a better flat iron we found the best just for you. our reviews are nonbiased and made after years of research and comparing products including hairbrush straighteners. Also, you will find useful information in our blog for keeping you youthful and lovely every day.
Tell us more about your hair care routine on the comments below.

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