What Is Red Light Therapy


What is red light therapy? Is it really effective and safe? And for which skin conditions?

Red light therapy is very popular nowadays. People use red light kits to treat depression, pain, acne, and many other health concerns, but is it really effective? We will show you everything you need to know about laser therapy types and effectiveness.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red LED light therapy is using certain wavelengths of light at the low lever to treat skin conditions. It uses diodes to relief pain and increases cell production. Infrared light treatment is safer than UV light, while UV light might cause damage to tissues, light therapy promotes the healing process of your skin. Also, red light treatment is effective in treating arthritis and cancer therapy side effects.

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How Does Red Light Treatment Work?

Red light devices use certain wavelengths that are safe to direct to the body while enhancing the function of the mitochondria. it improves the overall functions of the cells

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What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Treatment?

Red light penetrates your skin and becomes absorbed deeply by your cells. The deeper it reaches the better the benefits you are getting in treating more conditions:

Reduce Joint Stiffness

As infrared light therapy uses heat, it increases blood circulation and reduces joint stiffness.

Relieve Muscle Pain

Applying red light treatment towards your muscles makes them more relaxed and improves the blood flow. In other words, LED red light treatment is effective in treating restless leg syndrome. People who used red light for relieving muscle spasm got impressive results.

Improve Blood circulation

As the natural response of our bodies to heat is dilating the blood vessels, red light treatment does the same to your blood vessels by increasing the resistance of blood vessel walls. As a result, blow flow will be easier and your heart will pump the blood better. also, when blood flow is increased to your skin, the production of collagen and elastin will be increased. You can get better results for treating acne by using red light treatment with anti-wrinkle creams.

In addition, increasing the blood flow helps in fighting ischemia and many muscle pain risk factors. See our full reviews about best red light devices.

Reduce Skin Inflammation

As it increases the blow flow and immunity system of your body, it helps in removing waste products and fighting free radicals all over your body. This prevents edema, cancer diseases and reduces pain. Red light treatment is also effective in relieving pain which happens due to many problems. Pain is many related to inflammation and restricted blood flow. That’s why red LED light therapy is useful for these skin conditions.

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What Are The Uses Of Light Therapy?

  • Loss weight – as the red light increases the mitochondria production of energy, it increases the blood circulation. In other words, the glucose will be converted faster which will help you in losing weight. You can combine it with doing exercise to get faster results. Red light therapy alone is not as effective as it, not the main cause of losing weight. You should consider buying an exercise bike and having a healthy diet.
  • Frozen Shoulderred light therapy helps in reducing the severity of a frozen shoulder and relieving its symptoms. This is an amazing step to take if you are suffering from frozen shoulder symptoms which are difficult to treat.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome – research showed that red light treatment is effective in treating restless leg syndrome. People who participated felt positive results after a month of red light therapy.
  • For Wound Healing – many people use red light therapy to increase the healing of skin wounds. Red light increases the collagen and elastin production which enable your body cells to heal. Both red light treatment and IPL are effective in healing your skin wounds.
  • Skin Problems – as red light treatment make your skin healthier and better, it is really effective in treating many skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, and aging signs. See best right light therapy devices review.
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Is It Safe To Use Red Light?

Red light devices use visible light without affecting your DNA. So, the treatment doesn’t cause cell mutation or cancer. Red light therapy is approved by the FDA to treat many problems. However, the results vary between people depending on the condition you are dealing with and the frequency used of red light. In general, red light therapy is safer than UV light as it doesn’t cause skin problems.

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When To Expect Results From Red Light Treatment?

The time depends on what you are really expecting from your treatment. For example, if you are using red light therapy for pain management you will see results in just 20 minutes after your laser therapy session.

The frequency of using red light treatment depends on what condition you are using red light treatment. For reducing wrinkles and fine lines you can use red light 2: 3 times each week for around a month. After that, you can do a boosting treatment every two weeks to maximize your results.

While using infrared light therapy for pain management is ideal twice a day.  Apply the laser therapy for two weeks then have a booster session or two each week. You can ask your doctor to know more about the ideal frequency of using red ked light therapy for your skin condition.

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In conclusion, red LED light therapy Is very effective in treating age signs, acne, and many health conditions. The best think about this method is that it is totally natural and no need to apply any harmful chemicals. Although you will need more than one session to get the desired results, it doesn’t have side effects.

There are hundreds of red light skin therapy devices on the market. They are made for home use in affordable prices, check our full review about best red light therapy kits that are totally safe to use at home.

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