What Is An Epilator


What is an epilator? How long the results last? And how to do epilation without pain using these simple tips.

Epilating unwanted hair gives you a silky smooth body in less than an hour. Epilator is effective and doesn’t have any running costs after purchasing. It is very trendy to have your own epilator but many girls don’t know how to choose the right model. This guide will help you decide whether epilation is the right method for you or not. We will provide you with all you need to know about epilation.

What Is An Epilator?

An epilator is a small handy kit with rotating rollers and many tweezers attached to them. You put it against the area you are going to epilate and start epilating. The tweezers pull unwanted hairs and leave your skin smooth and hairless. It is a cost-effective device. The kit comes with extra attachments so you can use it on any part of your body.

Epilation is a wider concept. It includes all methods used to remove unwanted hair and it is different from laser hair removal. While laser hair removal devices remove unwanted hair permanently, epilation pull hair and remove them without affecting the hair follicle synthesis.

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How Does An Epilator Work?

the kit removes hair thanks to the electronic tweezers which can epilate hairs fine as sands. It gives you the same silky body you get with waxing. It is better as it doesn’t cause skin irritation or burns like waxing might cause.

The epilator surface rotates while you are moving the head slowly on your body, it grabs the hairs with the tweezers. It removes the hair from the roots without clogging the device. most models have at least two-speed settings so you can use the lower speed for epilating sensitive areas with less pain.

Moreover, the advanced models of kits come with a massage head and a head for sensitive areas so you can use it as a facial epilator. Exfoliation heads are great for removing dead cells and regenerate the skin before and after epilation. you could consider it a full package epilator for skincare.

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How Long Do The Results Last?

It depends on your hair type and the normal rate your hair grow back. In general, epilator removes hair from the roots which make it better than shaving. You will notice your hair grow much slower than before and finer. Within time you will get used to using the best epilator. Many girls who use epilator regular find that hair growth is slower within time. see our comparison waxing vs epilating vs shaving.

As for shaving, your hair doesn’t remove hair from the roots. It only cut off the super facial layer of your hair. It also cut hair with an angle which makes your hair grow back thicker. Epilator doesn’t cause such damage to your hair follicles. It goes deep under the skin to remove hair. That’s why the regrowth of your hair is slower and the results are much better.

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Why You Should Use An Epilator Kit At Home?

There are many benefits of using an epilator at home, here are the main benefits of using an epilator kit:

  • Long-Lasting silky skin – the hair grow slowly when you remove it from the roots. You can enjoy hairless skin for a long time.
  • Don’t contain chemical peeling agents – you don’t apply any creams or chemical agents during epilation which make it one of the safest methods to remove hair.
  • Suitable for almost all body areas – as it comes with extra attachments, you can use it anywhere without any pain. Use slower settings for sensitive areas and higher speed setting for legs and arms. See our full reviews of top epilator brands on the market.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin – if your skin is very sensitive you can still use the best epilator at home. Choose a high-quality epilator that you can use safely underwater. Warm water soothes pain and opens pores so you won’t feel any pain at all. Braun silk epil 7 is a great example of best epilators for sensitive skin.
  • Epilate even short hairs – epilators short regrowth time and catch even sand-sized hairs. For better results choose epilators that have many tweezers like 40 tweezers or more.
  • Great Results – some epilators have as many as 70 tweezers to epilate your whole body in a short time. they are effective in removing nano hairs and ingrown hairs. With the cooling glove, you can soothe pain in minutes and enjoy beautiful looking skin. Epilator vs waxing vs shaving full comparison.
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How To Use An Epilator?

Using epilation is very easy to learn by yourself. Don’t feel sad if you didn’t achieve the desired results in the first session. Here are some tips to help you epilate at home:

  1. Shower before you use your epilator. Exfoliate your skin using natural exfoliation remedies or your favorite product.
  2. Dry your skin even if you are going to do dry epilator if your epilator is suitable for wet epilation you can do the process in shower.
  3. Pull your skin and start epilation by putting the epilator perpendicular on your skin.
  4. More it slowly against your body, the opposite direction of your hair growth.
  5. Keep the epilator in contact with the area you are treating without pushing hard.
  6. Don’t wear tight clothes after epilation directly as it might irritate your skin layer. You can use a soothing cream to elevate pain and redness after epilation.
  7. We recommend exfoliating your skin again after epilation by a few days to maintain your silky smooth skin. This way you won’t suffer from ingrown hairs at all. see more details about how to use an epilator.
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With enough knowledge about what is an epilator and how to use it, you will definitely choose it over any other epilation method. It gives you fast results that last for more than 6 weeks. If you are thinking about buying an epilator online, see our full reviews of best epilator models. Find out how to choose the right model depending on your usage.

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