What Is A Recumbent Bike


what is a recumbent bike? And which is better recumbent bike vs stationary bike? As exploring your exercise equipment, there are many benefits of having a recumbent bike.

We will discuss the main benefits of having a recumbent bike to find the best recumbent bike for you. stationary bikes are upright or recumbent bikes. The simple difference between them is the position of the rider. They are safe and effective in practicing cardio exercises safely at home.

What is a recumbent bike

There are 2 types of exercise bikes: the stationary bike and the recumbent exercise bike. As we said the difference is the position of the rider and there are a few other factors that might affect your decision. We will help you choose the right type for your exercise time.

The seat of the upright bike is placed high compared to a regular exercise bike. The hand of it positioned in front of you in the form of a handlebar. The rider sits with his legs in front of him while exercising.

You can use a recumbent machine to burn the same calories. The best thing about the recumbent bike is the seat position. It is arranged in a better position to avoid muscle strain. Overall, it is safer to use recumbent bike especially if you have mobility problem as no effort done to sit on the recumbent bike.

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Why use a recumbent bike

If you are considering having a stationary bike, you need to know the best things about recumbent bike first.

Comfortable seat

That’s what people said when we asked them why they prefer recumbent bike over the upright bike. You will feel that the seat is a comfortable chair. There is support from the back and the chairs padded in a nice way. The seat is great for elder people and anyone who has back pain problem. Without muscle strain, you can do your favorite exercise for long times safely.

It is a great investment that will encourage you to exercise daily. It will make you more excited about finishing your exercise.

The natural reclined body position will reduce muscle strain which makes it suitable for doing upper body exercise at the same time.

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The seat is lower and the pedal is upfront and not below the rider. This lowers the center of gravity and gives you better control of the exercise bike. This exercise equipment is safer than other exercise bikes. In addition, the distance to the ground is less than other types.

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Low impact

The recumbent bike doesn’t cause pain compared to other machines which make it suitable for people who have neurological conditions. Even if you have rheumatoid arthritis, you still can use a recumbent machine safely.

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Higher speed

Overall, the speed of this type of exercise bikes is higher than traditional exercise bikes. Actually, it is faster than all other exercise bikes which make it much better than diamond-shaped bikes.  You can reach fast speeds like your outdoor bike using this machine at home or gym.

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Multi-tasking experience

You do now finish your exercise while doing your job or revise your schedule for the day thanks to the recumbent bike. No need to hold on the handlebars while biking. You can do anything with your hands when you exercise at home. Therefore, you can watch your favorite TV show, play mobile games or read your favorite novel while your training time. you can’t do that while using an upright bike.

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Burn plenty of calories

While using recumbent bike won’t burn calories as workouts, it is very effective to simply lose weight. It is better than other indoor bikes. It won’t only burn extra calories but also while improving your cardio endurance and help you improve your fitness. Overall, if you are looking for a way to improve your level of fitness without any risk of muscle strain or muscle injury this is the best exercise machine for you. you can read our full review about the best recumbent bike from well-known brands.

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Recumbent bike vs upright bike

There are many things that differ between them. The body position is reclined in a natural way in the recumbent bike while being upright on the other type of bikes. In addition, the seats are bigger in the recumbent bike which make it more comfortable as if it is an office chair. Smaller seats of stationary bikes cause aches and pain which make them not practical.

The recumbent bike takes more space than an upright bike. You should make sure that you have enough space according to its dimension before starting to use it. Recumbent bike vs upright bike: full comparison detailed

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tips for using the recumbent bike

  • first, you should have enough space for your recumbent bike. Make sure that your seat is properly adjusted before your training especially if you are using your bike for the first time.
  • To know that you are using your bike right, check your knees position. Your knees should be bent slightly when you put your feet in the pedal. Don’t over bend at the same time.
  • Before using the recumbent bike, do dynamic stretches and warm-up. Don’t pedal fast from the beginning. Try to pedal without harming yourself or doing too much effort at the beginning of your training time.
  • To burn more calories do interval exercise. Change the speed, the intensity of the machine or both per minute. Some exercise bikes have a screen display where you can change your exercise type.
  • If you are using an exercise bike for the first time, don’t stick to the same exercise. Try more than one workout until you find the most interesting for you and your body shape. Also make sure you are sitting correctly, not too close or too far from the pedals.

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Now you see there are many advantages of having a recumbent bike at home. it is a good choice for a rider who is new to biking and safer than using upright bikes. You can see our full review about best recumbent bikes on Amazon and their prices to help you select the perfect exercise bike.

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