Red Light Therapy Side Effects


what are red light therapy side effects? Uses? Advantage and disadvantage? Read our full guide to know.

red light therapy is considered a safe method to treat multiple skin conditions together. It is developed by NASA. It is similar to tanning beds in shape but in fact, it is much safer although it might cause short term side effects which we will discuss. In general, Red light therapy lamp is better than devices that use blue light. Ultraviolet light causes skin damage and cell mutation.

Red Light Therapy Short-Term Side Effects

Red light is a certain wavelength of light which doesn’t harm the skin like UV light. Actually, red light therapy doesn’t cause long term side effects or allergic reactions. However, there are minor side effects that might happen to some people who use red light therapy. Side effects are a short time and don’t last long like headache, eyestrain and skin irritability. Most of the side effects are related to the eye so try to avoid direct contact with your eyes. Don’t stare light directly into the source of light. You can wear eye goggles to provide appropriate eye protection.
If you suffer from bipolar disorder, it is better to seek medical advice first from your doctor before trying LED light therapy as it might cause serious problems.

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Infrared Light Treatment Side Effects

Infrared light treatment is a bit different than LED light therapy. Infrared treatment is more likely to cause side effects as it is thermal energy. If the heat passed a certain limit might overheat your tissues which cause skin burn. A thermal burn is different from sunburns because it happens because of infrared light exposure. In other words, infrared light treatment doesn’t cause skin cancer.
Overheating your skin causes skin problems are might lead to gene problems. Your skin might become more susceptible to mutations. You should keep enough distance away from the infrared source. We recommend using LED red light therapy instead because this treatment is much safer and doesn’t cause skin problems.

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Is It Safe To Use Red Light Kit?

Red light therapy is one of the safest methods to treat many skin condition and make your skin healthier.
To protect your eyes, it is better to wear eye protection. You shouldn’t be too close to the source of red light. See the directions of your red light therapy kit and the distant required in order to avoid retinal problems.

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Red Light Treatment And Thyroid

Low thyroid reduces your energy. Some studies have shown that using red light treatment devices has improved hormone production from the thyroid gland. So, it can increase your energy level and restore your thyroid normal functions. When you restore your thyroid normal functions, you will notice an increase in your overall health condition.

red light therapy side effects

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LED light therapy and Collagen

Collagen increase your skin elasticity and decrease wrinkle appearance on your skin. This means your face will be tighter and more even in color. Promoting your collagen amount will reduce aging signs and increase the results of anti-aging therapy. Collagen cells don’t grow fast but you see the results of red light treatment over all your skin concerns.

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Red Light Therapy Minimal Side Effects

The FDA indicated that LED light therapy is safe to use and it showed great results on many people who tried it. Side effects of red light therapy don’t last long. Long term side effects don’t happen to people who use red light therapy as indicated. While red light therapy overheating because of the infrared source may cause many problems. Some areas of the body are sensitive to overheating like the eyes, which become irritated. If your lens or the cornea directed to infrared source you might get cataracts or related eye problems. We recommend using the best LED red light therapy devices. They are much safer to use and many of them come with eye protective glasses.

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Is It Safe To Use Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy lamp treats different skin conditions as it increases the blood flow to your skin and prevents wrinkles. you can combine red light therapy with microdermabrasion to get faster results.
Many girls who tried red light therapy devices got great results. You will even feel a real difference from the first session.


  • No chemical peeling agents or drugs
  • Completely natural treatment
  • Totally painless and safe for all skin type and colors
  • You do it easily at home
  • NASA discovered it
  • Treat multiple skin conditions together


  • It is better to wear eye protective glasses
  • Should be directed to eyes
  • Requires multiple treatments
  • You need more than one session to get the best results
  • Not for people who have photosensitivity or take medication that increases
  • sensitivity to light.
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Red Light Therapy Cost

Clinics LED light therapy session cost varies according to where you live and in which country. In general, the cost is about $50 to $100 per session if you are thinking about having a red light therapy session at clinics while led light therapy for home use kits is much cheaper. You can get the best red light kit for only around $25 to $250 and use it for endless times at home. see our full reviews of best red light therapy for acne and other skin problems to choose the right LED kit for your skin.

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Efficacy of Light Therapy Lamp

When you use a light therapy lamp as directed you will get the most benefits from your laser therapy. Remember to finish your sessions until you get the desired results. Although red light kits for home use are lower in frequency they have the same effect as professional kits.

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Red light therapy really works. It can treat depression, acne, muscle pain, boost your immune system and increase weight loss from the first application. Red light therapy at clinics is very expensive, yet you can have your own red light therapy device at home at an affordable price.
We have compared the best red light therapy on the market and chose the best red light therapy devices based on customers’ reviews and experts’ opinions. See our full review now to choose the right product for you.

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