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We are addicted to telling you more about how to make your hair silk-smooth and shining. You need to take the best care of your natural hair and this starts from learning the best ways to prevent split ends

What are split ends?

Your hair is very important to you as it personalizes your own style. It grows from the root that’s why the end of hairs is the oldest part of it. Can you imagine how old are the ends of hair? You need to take care of them more because they pass by windy, dry and humid days. If you like changing your hair look regularly, think about the times you washed them, styled and straightened over the years.

Split ends are also known as trichoptilosis. It’s a sort of hair damage from the environment, heat, straightening and using chemicals. Washing your hair every day may be the cause of split ends too.

Tearing or pulling the hair ends is not a way to fix split ends at all. This way you may cause further damage. Trimming is the best option for every woman.

What causes split ends?

To know more about split end treatment you have to know the cause at first. By determining the cause you can stop further damage. The common causes of split ends:

  • Physical damage and manipulation – this includes styling your hair, using rough brushes and detangling. Physical damage is the main cause of slow cuticle damage within time.
  • Heat – one of the fastest ways to damage your split ends. Extreme heat causes serious damage to your hair, which is already stressed by other factors.
  • Friction – some types of fabrics damage your hair. Wearing hats and sweater may cause split ends. if your hair is long that it touches your clothes this may be a reason too.
  • Environment – the weather and its changes affect your healthy hair badly. Also puffs and styles the hair may fasten its damage.
  • Internal factors – what you eat and how many cups of water you drink and overall your body health affect your hair ends. If you eat well, drink plenty of decaffeinated water and practice sport, you are less susceptible to split ends.

Split end treatment

You should care about split end repair because it affects your hairstyle and health. Care more about the causes of split ends and your hair care daily routine. You will be shocked by the daily activities that might damage the cuticle even slowly in the long term!

Care more about your hair while wet

The first step if you want to fix split ends, is being careful about your hair while wet. Wet hair is more susceptible to damage and it’s more likely to tangle. you can use best hair dryers to dry your hair safely.

Be gentle

Knowing that your hair is sensitive, don’t wash it or style harmfully. Being gentle to your hair in your everyday routine will help you achieving split end repair in a shorter time. Our guide about how to keep your hair straight overnight will help you avoid hair breakage.

Drink enough water

Hydrating your hair from the internal will make it less susceptible to environmental damage.

Stop using excessive clarifying products

If you use decent hair products, you don’t need to add clarifiers to your hair care routine. Using such products damages the hair by making tangles. Avoid using shampoos and hair products containing sulfates as they dry it out and make the ends break.

Be gentle when using shampoo

Try using your hands less while applying shampoo and conditioning. Brush your hair once while wet using a wide enough tooth comb.  After that, let your hair dry naturally without touching it.

Avoid using heat tools: if you suffer from serious split end damage, they probably the main cause

Brush smarter not harder

Something simple as brushing your hair may cause split ends. Split end treatment starts from stop brushing your hair roughly. you can use Best Hair Straightening Brushes for straightening your hair without heat  damage. Your hair is very sensitive and fragile so treat it gently. A great tip to know if you are brushing your hair gently or not is listening to the sound you are making while gliding your hair. If your hair no sound then you are doing it right. On the other hand, if you hear a ripping sound or see visual damage, you are doing it wrong. 

If silent brushing is hard to achieve for you because your insane knots, start from the bottom of hairs and more up slowly instead of ripping the brush from the roots. We recommend using a metal bristled detangles brush it reduces friction.

Hair products toxic and harmful chemicals free – as these agents weaken your cuticle over time. try using natural products for your hair care routine.

Use split end trimmer

The best way to fix split ends is using split end trimmer. Cutting off split ends is the fastest way to return the natural look of your hair. Ask your stylist about getting a hair trim and having split end repair. Using split end trimmer is a great procedure to treat your damaged hairs without the need to sacrifice the length.

Natural Masks

If you don’t like paying much money on expensive hair care products, you can try home-made masks. Coconut oil masks are great to split end treatment. Don’t forget to wash your hair with enough water before heat styling.

Protect your hair using satin or silk: you can get a satin pillowcase to prevent damage when you are sleeping. Another great thing is lining hats with silk preventing rough materials from touching your hair, which is considered another great way to fix split ends

Get regular haircuts

Scalp hair grows 0.4 inches each month. The new length added is between 0.2: 1.3 inch so it’s quite fast. Your hair will make to its current length again soon. Ask your stylist about the most fashionable ways to cut your hair and fix split ends at the same time. many stylist advice their customers to have a regular haircut every 1.5: 2 months. This way you will prevent split ends and avoid further damage.

If you don’t like having a haircut so often, you can try having a haircut after a long time, although having a regular trim is considered the best treatment for split ends. Instead, you can try such hair care cutting until you feel satisfied with your hair health and thickness. using heat protective flat irons is another way to style your hair freely without damage. you can apply gentle hair settings for thin hair

Why split ends are considered a bad thing?

There are many reasons why any girl doesn’t want to suffer from split ends:

  • Once the splitting ends start to be seen, it won’t stop from progressing. You have to fix split ends before you suffer from total hair damage if you want to keep your hair healthy.
  • Split ends do not affect the cuticle texture – your hair won’t be as smooth as before. This cause tangles and more split ends everywhere.
  • Your hair won’t grow longer – it will be more liable to break and shed. This way split ends will prevent length retention.
  • If you see little spit ends coming up, this is an indication of unhealthy hair. It is a warning that you might see more split ends. you have to interfere preventing such problem.


They are many methods that will help you prevent split ends. The main thing is using split end trimmer to retain your natural hair amazing look fast. You need to pay enough attention to your hair and its health. Be kind to your own hair and it will always be beautiful and healthy.

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