3 Permanent Hair Removal Methods That Actually Work


Permanent hair removal rates have shot up. All women and men want to get silky-smooth skin. which one is suitable for you? and how to get forever results in affordable prices?

Some permanent hair removal options are painful while others feel like rubber bands. In general, all permanent hair removal treatments are less annoying than shaving, waxing and tweezing. For more explanation, you can read our guide before you make you which.

Is There a Permanent Hair Removal?

In short, yes. Electrolysis is an approved method for getting permanent results as electrolysis can destroy the hair follicle. Electrolysis is a slow procedure, as the hairs must be treated on an individual basis. As it destroys the hair follicles, you need a series of appointments over a long period of time. Laser hair removal is a semi-permanent method. Every time you apply laser on the skin, the hair growth cycle rate is reduced until you get long-lasting results. However, you will need to have a maintenance session once or twice every month. The maintenance session will help you achieve the desired results until you won’t need any more sessions. Electrolysis is more painful and you will need more than 14 sessions to get permanent results, that’s why many people consider electrolysis old fashioned method.

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What is The Best Permanent Hair Removal?

Achieving silky skin touch is not a dream anymore. Unwanted hair is very annoying. The most important thing about laser therapy, is that the laser must be doing its job. That’s why most women and men get kits from trusted brands. Philips lumea BRI956 is considered the most effective kit for hair removal.

 Philips BRI956/00 Lumea Prestige Epilateur à Lumière
Philips BRI956/00 Lumea Prestige Epilateur à Lumière

The first FDA-approved laser kit

Philips lumea comes with 4 attachements so  you can use it anywhere! It is effective and very safe. It the first kit to be used plugged in or cordless. This gives you full control of the kit during the treatment session.

Read more about laser hair removal kit in our full guide.

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How To Prepare your Skin For Hair Removal?

If you are going to have laser or IPL hair removal, your skin should be shaved. Don’t wax before your appointment as waxing irritates the skin and causes skin redness. Trim the area you are going to treat on the day before laser therapy.

Don’t put makeup or skincare products before laser therapy. Your skin must be pare and natural. Also, you have to avoid tanning and direct sun exposure before your appointment.

You can see our reviews of best 7 kits to choose the best laser hair removal kit for your skin.

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What Are The Three Methods of Permanent Hair Removal?

There are three main types that can give you permanent hair removal results if done right, which are:

  • Laser
  • IPL
  • Electrolysis

Shaving removes the hair at the surface and keeps the roots not affected which is why hair grow back in no time. If you are looking for forever hair removal solutions, then you should consider permanent treatments.


Laser hair removal results last for long time. It targets the hair follicles and destroy them with high energy. This stops hair from growing. Laser hair removal can be applied on any part of the body with the exception of the eye for women and the face for men. The results are the best for people who have light skin and dark hair color.

In most cases, the hair lost for months or years. Each time you apply laser, the grows back thinner and fewer in number. However, laser therapy doesn’t guarantee permanent results from the first application.

Some people suffer from irritation and redness after laser therapy. These side effects are minor and don’t last for long time. This treatment often cause temporary pigment changes.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL is very effective in removing unwanted hair using many more wavelengths than Laser light. It has the same mechanism targeting the hair roots. The hair removal session is effective in reducing hair growth. A low does of IPL shoots deeply into the hair follicles and gets absorbed by the hair papilla pigment. The hair becomes shrunk and destroyed. IPL hair removal method is a bit more painful than laser but there are many methods for reducing pain. Cooling the skin reduces the pain greatly without using numbing creams. You should consults your doctor before applying numbing creams in case you suffer from sensitivity. About the number of IPL sessions. The sessions depend on the hair thickness and the size of the area you are treating. Small areas of the skin like armpit needs about 6 sessions while larger areas like the bikini area needs around 8 sessions. Large skin areas like your back needs from 6 to 12 sessions. The most important tip is never missing your appointment. It is very important to do laser hair removal as scheduled to get the best results.


Electrolysis procedure involves using short radio frequencies through thin needles directed towards the hair follicles. It destroys the hair follicles so that it inhibit the hair growth cycle. Electrolysis must be done by a certified dermatologist.

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How Much Does Permanent Hair Removal Cost?

According to the American Society of plastic surgeons, permanent hair removal cost is around $235 for the session. The cost varies widely from a place to another depending on many factors including where do you live, the size of the area you are treating and the time needed for getting the desired results.

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Now you now which hair removal option is the right for you. It is completely normal to have body hair and removing it is optional for everyone. As you can see there are many ways to remove unwanted hair and yet get the desired results. Every hair removal option has its pros and cons. However, laser hair removal side effects are considered tolerable. They are minor and don’t happen to all people. You can also check our review of best laser hair removal kits to choose the right one for your skin tone.

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