Laser vs IPL Hair Removal


Laser vs IPL hair removal which one is safer? How to get permanent hairless skin? Find out the better methods for your skin type

Nowadays it is popular to use Ipl and laser kits and salon service for hair removal. Both IPL and laser are effective in achieving permanent results. This guide will help you decide which one is suitable for you and whether you need to go to the salon or you can do hair removal treatment at home effectively.

what is the difference between IPL and laser?

First, IPL stands for intense pulsed light hair removal. It pumps a broadband pulsed light in your skin. The light targets the hair follicles and reduces hair growth within time. Laser treatment work is similar but it pumps a monochromatic light. The laser therapy is more specific in its work as it focuses on the hair follicles without affecting other areas. Therefore, laser gives faster results which make it more suitable for people who have darker skin tones.

The key element in the effectiveness of hair removal methods is energy. The follicles of hair heat up and destroyed. find more about the difference between Laser and IPL

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Are hair removal salons worth it?

That’s a big question every beautiful woman face, “Do I have to pay much money In salons to remove unwanted hair?”, we are telling you the truth: You DON’T. of course, professional laser hair removal at salons gives you faster results but in the end, you can achieve the same results without paying much. You will need a few more sessions at home to remove excess hairs. Laser hair removal at home is an economical option if you want to remove excess hair permanently.

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IPL vs laser hair removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light( helps reducing hair appearance and to prevent them from coming back again. IPL uses another source of energy rather than the laser that’s why its light is more broader. IPL devices emit light at multiple wavelengths. It covers many hairs at the same time more than laser treatment as it covers a larger area of your skin. Moreover, IPL kits for home use are cheaper than laser kits. our guide about how do laser and IPL remove hair work.

IPL treatment is a great choice for people who have fair skin and dark hair. It is effective in removing hair permanently. You will need more sessions to get the same results if you decided to have IPL treatment. You can see our reviews about the best IPL kits reviews here.

  • It is less painful than laser treatment
  • Suitable for treating larger areas of skin at once
  • Cheaper than laser kits for home use
  • Removes hair permanently.  You won’t worry about your skin appearance anymore

  • Not suitable for removing white, light and grey hairs
  • Clinics cost is high but you can solve this problem by getting IPL kit for home use.

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Laser Is More Precise

The laser is produced in the form of a single precise wavelength of light. It destroys the hair follicles effectively as the light is more focused in smaller areas than IPL treatment. In addition, laser treatment showed fantastic results in removing dark hairs from people who have dark skin. IPL wasn’t promising for them as it is less precise. Without a doubt, laser therapy is the quickest way to remove hair permanently with least side effects ever. Think about what you are going to achieve your goals and change your life by getting a laser hair removal kit.

PROS of Laser:
  • Permanent hair removal methods with fewer sessions
  • Effective giving quicker results
  • More precise light
  • More suitable for people who have darker skin
  • Most skin tones

CONS of Laser:
  • the laser is not very effective in removing light hairs or thin hairs
  • Clinics are very expensive although laser kits are cost-effective ones.

laser vs ipl hair removal

laser vs IPL hair removal

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What is the best hair removal method?

There is no gold standard that we can tell it is the best method of hair removal. Many women consider laser is their best method for removing hair forever. In addition, laser and IPL both give you the same results although they use different technologies.

IPL doesn’t cause pain as a laser. Either many women like to use laser and feel encouraged for that knowing that they are saying goodbye to unwanted hairs forever. It is like a temporary pain. Actually, the feeling of hair removal is similar to epilating your body hair. Another point is view is thinking about your current budget. Which device can you buy? And more importantly, is it safe to use the hair removal device for your hair color and your skin type?

Here are some points to keep in mind if you comparing between IPL and laser hair removal:

  • IPL is a more affordable hair removal method although you need more sessions. it will take you more time to get similar results to laser therapy.
  • The laser is more precise as it is more focused and concentrated.
  • Hair removal sessions are short. You can finish large areas in only 30 minutes.
  • Both hair removal methods can be used for the same areas of your body. They don’t have the same settings so read the direction of use and duration of application before starting your hair removal session at home.
  • If you have dark skin and dark hair you could use laser kits. IPL is not as effective for this type of skin. In fact, IPL treatment might cause side effects is this cause as it is less precise. It won’t target dark hairs and the treatment might fail.


In conclusion, we have covered everything about laser and IPL methods to remove hair. Consider your hair color and your skin tone when making your own decision. You can read our guide about the effectiveness of hair removal. Here are our full reviews about best IPL and laser hair removal on the market. It is not a dream anymore to stop hair from coming back!

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