Laser Hair Removal Side Effects


Laser hair removal is popular with women who want to remove facial or body hair permanently. This treatment stops hair follicles from growing new hairs so it stops hair growing.

Laser hair removal is one of the most used techniques for hair removal. First, before going to permanent hair removal therapy, you have to make sure that you know everything about it and how long it lasts.

What is a laser hair removal device?

It is a device designed to generate an intense beam of light targeting hair follicles. It doesn’t affect your skin as the only hair follicles absorb the light. The follicle heats up from the inside and destroyed.

Using laser hair removal or facial hair removal at home is not something new. But until now some women hesitate about doing it by themselves. That’s because they don’t know enough about the effectiveness and safety of home therapy.

In fact, there are many factors you need to know about the laser epilation device before deciding which is the best way for you. one of them is laser hair removal cost. It is much cheaper to do it at home. Each session will cost you up to $300 if you decided to do it at a clinic. Another one is the appointments and duration of therapy.

Best permanent hair removal kits at home are FDA approved. They are an effective way to have the beautiful skin you are dreaming of.

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Is it safe to use laser hair removal device?

The majority of women who do hair removal at home find it safe and very effective. there do not appear serious side effects or health risks after using hair removal for a long time.

However, some people may experience minor side effects after having laser epilation. it is better to ask a dermatologist if laser hair removal is suitable for your skin. You can make a test patch before starting hair removal treatment

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What are laser hair removal side effects

Laser hair removal side effects don’t happen to all people who have laser therapy. They are minor and don’t last for a long time. if you experienced side effects for a long time you should consult your dermatologist. Here are common side effects:

Redness and irritation

As laser epilation damaged the hair follicle. The body may react to that’s why you might feel redness and irritation in the affected skin. This is a temporary side effect and doesn’t last long. Actually, the skin looks like waxed or plucked. You might ask the doctor or the pharmacist about applying topical anesthetic if you feel pain on your skin.

Usually, the irritation goes away after a few hours of the treatment. You can try ice packs to elevate it faster.


Some women experience skin crusting after laser epilation. this is a minor side effect. To get rid of crusting you can apply a moisturizer to your skin. This way you will prevent any lasting side effects from happening

Changes in your skin color

It doesn’t happen to most people. Some may experience a minor color change in the affected area. The skin color may turn darker or lighter after laser epilation. people who have light skin are more likely to notice a darker change. While people with dark skin are more likely to notice the light change in skin color. This is not a dangerous side effect and doesn’t last for a long time. the color change fades away over time.

Eye irritation

Some lasers are powerful that cause eye irritation. It is very important to avoid eye direct contact with light while laser hair removal face treatment. It is always better to wear eye goggles for eye protection

Skin infection

As using other ways of hair removal. Damaging hair follicles increase the risk of infection. Don’t apply OTC antibiotic after having laser hair removal at home or professional therapy to a large area of your body. This increases the risk of skin infection.

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Does laser hair removal work?

Yes! Laser hair removal kits actually work. Some of them remove hair permanently while others are a semi-permanent solution for hair growth.

After the laser epilation, some people stay hair-free for more than 6 months and it might grow back finer and lighter. The hair is less noticed than before.

Many women need multiple sessions to achieve permanent hair removal effectively. After enough sessions, the hair might stop growing.

In fact, laser hair removal is more effective on dark hairs than blond, reddish or grey hairs. It is another factor that affects the treatment duration.

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Is laser hair removal painful?

Of its common after treatment symptoms are having red or tender skin. That’s why many people describe the feeling of having laser hair removal is the same sense of having a sunburn. At the other hand, laser epilation itself is not painful at all. you can see here how does laser therapy & IPL work.

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Waxing and shaving your body hair is a tedious process that no one feels encouraged to do them. They are painful and takes a lot of time. you can say goodbye to hair for even by using hair removal kits. Permanent hair removal is not expensive if you compared it to waxing every few days. It reduces hair growth through the session until it doesn’t grow at all after the treatment sessions. you can find the best laser hair removal devices in our ultimate guide.

Share your experience with us if you tried laser hair removal at home or if you had professional laser hair removal. Also, if you have any questions or hesitations just leave your comment.

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