Everything Men Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal


If you are a man thinking of getting laser treatment, this guide is made for you.

The laser hair removal procedure is more advanced than ever. There are 3 permanent hair removal methods for permanent results. However, laser hair removal today is the most convenient one and the most affordable. That’s why plenty of males use laser today to remove chest, back and legs unwanted hair. Laser for men may include removing hair almost all body hair except facial hair in most cases.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser light targets the pigment of the hair follicles. The diversity between the skin tone and the hair color is the most important factor to make the laser work. It is a procedure where a beam of light penetrates the epidermis laser targeting the hair follicles and inhibiting the reproductive cycle of hair without causing any damage to the skin. Each time you use laser light, the hair shaft becomes more fragile and thinner. Eventually, after applying the laser therapy for the recommended time, you will get permanent lasting results, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Laser hair removal for men might take 30 minutes for the session. The number of sessions needed varies from 2 to 8 sessions. male hair removal treatment works best on back, chest, shoulders, stomach area and genital area. It is safe to apply laser for men who have a light skin tone and dark hair color. It might be not effective on blond and white hairs. While men who have dark skin can have laser hair removal effectively using Nd: YAG laser light, other types might not be effective for them.

How Can Laser Hair Removal Procedure Help Athletes?

Here is a question asked by many bodybuilders: how to get hairless skin forever? They don’t want any hair on their bodies as it affects their shape. They want to enhance the muscle definition too by having laser hair removal treatment. A lot of hair might be annoying with the shafting and irritation. Bodybuilders sweat a lot during exercise. Removing unwanted hair makes the exercise easier and less painful.

Also, swimmers like to have laser hair removal full body. With less hair, they can break records and do better! laser hair removal for men is not only about looking nice. For athletes, they might not find enough time to shave their bodies before competitions. They want to be always ready and always attractive and in-shape. Removing unwanted hair eradicated any risk of cuts and nicks that may happen to athletes in the locker rooms or the pool.

laser hair removal for men

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Why Laser Hair Removal Is Necessary For Average Men?

Here are some reasons to consider laser hair removal for men:

1# Excess body hair

Laser hair removal is a good option for men who feel uncomfortable after their excess hair. Most men who do laser therapy treat their back, chest, and stomach while many others get full body hair removal. Some guys just apply laser hair removal for chest area to make the hair in this area thinner and finer. This way they feel more confident, especially in summer. Laser hair removal will help you achieve the hairless fitness model (if you want this to happen).

2# Hygiene

Excess body hair may be a hygienic problem for many. That’s why they think about male hair removal. Removing unwanted hair reduces the irritation and itching of the skin. No more shaving from now on.

3# No More Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hair is a serious problem for men shaving their facial hair, especially on their neck. The laser is the only option for treating PFD (Pseudofolliculitis barbae”. Ingrown hair might cause scars because the hair grows back in different directions. Inflammation because of shaving can appear as small, white-headed pimples. If you can’t tolerate shaving and waxing, you are the ideal candidate for laser hair removal treatment.

4# Balding Or Bad Hair Plugs

Some guys just don’t want hair in their scalp anymore! Yes, that’s true. It might sound strange but some guys suffer from sporadic balding. That’s why their think link: bald is just better for me. While others want to remove botched hair plugs that are irritating for them. Learn more about laser hair removal side effects

How Much Does Male Hair Removal Hurt?

If you are applying laser right, it doesn’t hurt! It also depends on how much you handle pain. Best laser hair removal kits won’t cause any pain. However, if you are getting full body laser hair removal, the technician might apply pain-relieving cream before the treatment to reduce the sense of pain if you are having laser hair removal at a clinic. What’s blessing about laser option: it is 40% less painful than waxing. Laser therapy works by reaching deep in the skin to the dermis layer and targeting the pigments inside the hair follicle. You should shave before the session to get the best results. Sometimes the hair hinders the light from reaching the skin which affects the results. We recommend shaving or trimming before the male hair removal session. Also, we recommend staying out of the sun in order to avoid burns. Your skin is more sensitive after laser therapy. That’s why you should avoid bleaching, tanning or going to the beach after your laser session to avoid getting sunburns. What’s more, the last thing you want to causing damage to your skin.Is laser hair removal permanent? find full answer.


After suffering from waxing, shaving and trimming the whole thing off, men drift towards laser hair removal and IPL treatment. Laser hair removal for men is a more effective way to get reliable results. You can now get convenient smooth skin for life. It is a painless procedure and suitable for most skin types. You can do it at home or in clinics. The new technology used for designing a personal laser hair removal kit for men is very impressing. Perhaps doing it at home without paying much money will give you the encouragement needed to finally get started.

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