How To Keep Hair Straight Overnight


How to keep your hair straight overnight? Best tips to avoid frizz and re-curling of your straight hairstyle.

When you put much time and effort to straighten your hair and you finally get the perfect hairstyle and it looks amazing. The day after sleeping, all your hard work is gone! You see frizz, curls, and knots. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent that from happening to your straight hair.

Straightening your hair might take between 7 to 45 minutes. It depends on your hair type and length. Many girls spend more than 2 hours to make their hair perfectly straight if they have thick hair. Also, straightening hair before bed is a usual habit for many girls after shower. These tips will maintain your straight hair overnight and make your straight hairstyle lasts longer.

Invest In A High-Quality Heat Protector

There are many products that work as straightening serum to protect your hair from heat damage while using a flat iron to style your hair. You can use serum or spray to protect your hair. Some girls use both to get fixed hairstyles. The best thing is using them while using your blow dryer and the hair straightener after that. This way you are protecting your hair and making your straight hairstyle lasts longer than expected.

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Use Serum Again Before Sleeping

Apply protecting serum before sleeping protects your hair from moisture and frizz. You can apply any leave-in conditioner to fix your hairstyle too and maintain straight hair overnight. know more about how to straighten your hair naturally.

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Use Pins

Hair Pins fix your hair and prevent re-curling. You can use them to maintain hairstyle in just minutes! If your hair is thick or wavy, you might need extra minutes to divide your hair into sections and put pins. First, you need to brush your hair then wrap the hair around your hair and put your pins.

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Wear A Silk Scarf Overnight

Silk hair scarf prevents ruining your straight hair. It is a nice tip to learn how to wrap your hair in a scarf overnight to protect your straight hair. Wrap the scarf around your wrapped hair to fix for the overnight period. You can combine this method with using the pins to get better results and to avoid hair sliding while your sleep.

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Make A Loose Top Bun

It is a great way to keep your hair straight overnight. Brush your hair to maintain your straightened look towards the top of your head. After that, use an elastic hairband to make the loose top bun, it is more like a ponytail. You can fasten the bun using a fabric scrunch. The next day you will find your hair straighten as it was. You can combine making a top bun with the satin pillowcase method or other overnight straight hair methods. We recommend trying more than one method until you achieve the perfect hair maintaining a routine for your hair type. Learn how to dry hair fast.

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Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Moving at night affects your hairstyle. Even if using a silk scarf is not working for you, this method might be of great benefits to you. choose a silk or satin pillowcase instead of cotton and fiber minimizes tangles and reduces friction with your pillow. You will be amazed by how your pillowcase materials affect your hairstyle greatly. Wrong materials are the cause of frizz and ruining your straight look the next morning. In addition, Satin and Silk pillowcases are better for your facial skincare. They reduce the appearance of wrinkle and age signs as they diminish the friction between your face and the bed. know more about hair straightening tips.

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How To Protect Your Hair From Re-Curling

These simple tips and tricks will help you secure your hairstyle and keep your straight hair smooth and silky for overnight and longer!

  • Choose a high-quality hair straightener – best hair straighter models use protective technology to protect your hair from overheating. They provide constant heat flow and ionic technology is also effective to nourish and straighten your hair at the same time. poor quality flat irons don’t protect your hair and cause serious damage, also, their results don’t last for a long time. We recommend reading our full reviews of the top selling flat irons to help you find the right hair straighter for your hair type and length.
  • Dry your hair before using Straightener – leave your hair until it is fully dry before using a hair straightener. You can leave it for air dry or use a blow dryer to prevent frizz and curling of your hair. You shouldn’t use flat irons on wet or damp hair in order to protect your hair from serious damage because of heat and moisture
  • Don’t over-style your hair – many girls use flat irons every day. Some use it for a couple of times every day. While new flat irons are hair protectant and less likely to cause heat damage, it is better not to over-style your hair. At least you should talk a couple of days off every week to maintain your hair and give it a chance to recover all the heat you are directing to it
  • Apply Dry Shampoo – you shouldn’t wash your hair every day as water might affect your healthy hair. We recommend washing your hair once or twice weekly. Instead of over washing your hair you can apply a dry shampoo to absorb excess oils and add more volume to your straight hair.
  • Avoid wetting your Straightened Hair – when your hair gets wet, all your effort is ruined and you have to straighten it again from the beginning.
  • Resist the urge to fiddle – running your fingers on your hair removes hair care products from it and you are more likely to lose its straightness. After applying your moisturizer or your leave-in conditioner, try to avoid touching your hair using your fingers to maximize your results.

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We mentioned the best ways to keep hair straight overnight and to avoid ruining of your hairstyle. Know you know how to keep your hair straight overnight. If you tried other methods to make hair strands straight and shiny, tell us more about them in the comments below. If you are thinking about getting a high-quality hair straighter or upgrading your flat iron, see our guide about best hair straighteners and tips you should know before shopping for best hair straightener.

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