Improve Skin Elasticity


How to improve your skin elasticity and prevent aging? Best methods to get pure healthy skin forever.

Preventing wrinkles is easier than treating. When you see fine lines, it is an indication that you are losing your skin elasticity. Age is the main cause of creases and fine lines. Yet you can prevent stretch marks more effectively than you ever imagined. Our full guide will give you more information about the best methods to improve skin elasticity, increase collagen production and prevent further aging signs.

How To Do Skin Elasticity Test At Home?

Skin elasticity test will give an idea about your skin health also whether your skin is growing naturally or not. Follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Rest your nondominant hand in a comfortable position on the table, putting your palm face of hand down
  2. Use your index and thumb in pinching your skin backward. Hold your skin with the tips of your fingers for five seconds.
  3. Release the skin and wait until it is back to the normal position. count the time needed to return to the main place completely
  4. Use this guide to know the expected time in seconds according to the age group.
  5. Less than 30 years old – between 0: 2 seconds
  6. Between 31 to 44 years old – between 3: 4 seconds
  7. 45 to 50 years old – between 5: 9 seconds
  8. More than 60 years old – between 10: 15 seconds
  9. More than 70 years old – more than 16 seconds

If you still not sure about your elasticity test results, repeat the elasticity test on your other hand

What is the meaning of these results?

Collagen and elastic are necessary for keeping your skin supple and strong. As we grow up, our bodies reduce the production of both within time. After a while, collagen starts to break down. The rate varies among people. Some people start seeing stretch marks during the 20s while others see stretch marks during 30s and even older. You need to provide enough care to your skin to keep it strong and well connected. learn more about how to get rid of wrinkles.

In addition, the result of the test is a good indication if you drink enough water or not. Likely, people who are suffering from severe dehydration fail in this test. If your skin takes a long time to return completely to its place, you may be suffering from dehydration. To solve this problem, you should increase your daily water intake. Also, moisturizing your skin using skincare products and moisturizing creams will lock in natural fluids on your skin.

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Why Does My Skin Lose Its Elasticity?

If you are suffering from wrinkles and fine lines, it is more likely because of your skincare routine. You should care more about your skin elasticity. It is much easier to prevent stretch marks than treating them after they appear. There are certain lifestyle choices that cause elasticity problems

Excess Sun Exposure Harms Your Skin

Sun is the main enemy to your skin elasticity and normal skin layers’ appearance. We all love summer and direct sun exposure but sunlight might damage your living cells. The UV light is harmful to the skin and increase the incidence of skin cancer. Also, it accelerates the aging processes of the skin. If you have to stay under the sun for a long period, wear sunscreen and eyeglasses to protect your skin. Even some people who have a normal amount of elastin suffers from sun damage like sagging and wrinkles.

Smoking Cigarettes Damages Natural Skin

If you are using anti-wrinkle creams and smoking at the same time, don’t expect great results. You have to quit smoking to keep your naturally beautiful skin. People who smoke look much older than people who don’t smoke or smoke fewer cigars. The good news is that premature aging because of smoking is reversible. You can get your lovely skin look again by using the best anti wrinkle creams and quitting smoking. You can search for a more useful habit or decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. learn more about how to prevent wrinkles.and how to reduce under-eye wrinkles.

Dehydrated Skin

Dehydration is a risk factor of losing your skin elasticity. Yet you can improve skin elasticity by drinking more amount of fluids every day until you feel your skin is healthy again. In addition, you can use the skin elasticity test as an indication for your hydration and improvement. Remember to keep your skin healthy from the inside by drinking at least 5 cups of water every day, and from the outside by applying sunblock and skin care creams to have stronger skin.

Hormonal Changes Affect Your Healthy Skin

Hormonal changes during the menopause and menstruation affect the skin elasticity of women. That’s why using skin care products during these times like creams and lotions enriched with hyaluronic acid is a good choice for every beautiful woman.

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Procollagen Creams

Anti-wrinkle creams are great for recovering skin elasticity and prevent fine lines before they appear on the skin. There are many products on the market that are claimed to increase skin elasticity. Make sure you choose anti-aging cream that contains collagen or increase the collagen production in the skin. Creams that boost your collagen synthesis within the skin cells and stop collagen break down are great for improving the elasticity. See our full reviews about best procollagen creams on the market.

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Now you know the best methods to improve skin elasticity. You can achieve supple skin without the need to pay much or do procedures. You can fight aging using simple ways such as best anti-aging creams that reduce wrinkles. Some simple lifestyle changes will keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Find out best microdermabrasion machine

Put in mind that you should avoid excess sun exposure in certain periods of the day or you can wear sunscreen when you are out. Harmful sunlight is the main cause of wrinkles and fine lines. If you are thinking about getting an anti-wrinkle cream, see our full guide first to choose the right skin care product for your skin.

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