How To Use An Epilator Without Any Pain


Full guide about how to use an epilator (step-by-step) to help you achieve the silky-smooth body in just minutes!

Using the epilator is much better than waxing and using depilatory creams. You need to know how to use an epilator in the right way especially if you want to have smooth skin for 6 weeks! We will show you simple things to help you if you are a beginner in using epilation. they are also helpful if you want to improve your results.

Choose the right epilator for you

Epilators on the market are available in a wide range of prices between $35 – $350. This huge range is because of the quality of the product. Of course, you can’t buy a cheap kit and expect the same results that you can get by having a cost-effective one. In addition, the duration of life of cheap ones is extremely short. Cheap ones may not last for a single week!

High-quality kits have more tweezers which make them suitable for capturing short hairs. They also have more attachments so you can detach the head and attach another one for a better finish on your skin.

This step depends on your goal of getting the kit. This is a facial epilator and body epilator. Some kits are suitable for epilating bikini area while others are not. So, you have to choose the right one for your usage. If you are familiar with using epilating kits you probably know which type is suitable for your usage. What is an epilator? and how to use it?

Wet or Dry

Some kits are for dry and others for wet epilating. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to get wet epilator. Dry ones give you better results. Best hair removal epilator is suitable for wet and dry epilation. you can benefit from warm water on opening up your pores and making you more comfortable.

Find out about best hair removal epilator on the market by reading our reviews of top selling epilators on Amazon. We recommend having a high-quality one with proven results like Braun Silk Épil 9. It comes with many attachments including exfoliating brushes. You won’t suffer from ingrown hairs anymore!

Braun Silk- épil 9 9-961V Women
Braun Silk- épil 9 9-961V Women

this is a full package device, easy to use and gives you great results

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If you want a portable epilator to look for kits with battery. You can charge it and put it in your handbag. It is not very necessary as you will need to use epilator only once per month or less. Some women prefer mains powered ones. It is totally up to you.

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Before buying an epilator

If it is your first time to buy an epilator, you don’t have to buy the first one you see. Give yourself enough time to study available kits on the market to make sure that you are getting the ideal one for your skin. This might take longer than the shaving process but you have to be satisfied with your next epilator.

About the best time to do epilation, we recommend doing it in the evening. This way you will not feel any pain and you are less likely to get red dots. They are natural and go away after epilating after a few hours.

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Exfoliate first

Exfoliation removes dead cells and prevents ingrown hair. There are many ways to exfoliate your skin. We recommend using an exfoliating glove or making an exfoliating scrub at home. To make your skin pure and healthy, exfoliate before each time you use your device. You can also exfoliate your skin twice weekly to remove all dead cells and renew your face and body cells.

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How to Use An Epilator In A Right Way

Hold the epilator at a 90 degrees angles to your skin. It is an effective way and it will make you more comfortable. You can see the results without the need to push it against your skin. The epilator tweezers will grab the hairs on the area and pull them from their roots.

Hold the skin taut

It is the best way for the epilating bikini area. You might need to hold your skin while using facial epilator too. With time, the hair will grow slower and thinner. Actually, hair removal epilator becomes easier each time you do it.

Hold the kit against the direction of hair growth

Hold the kit and move it slowly against the direction of hair growth. You are not in a hurry! If you pushed roughly you might cut the hair instead of pulling it from the root. That’s a thing you want to avoid.

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Be patient

If you get used to using an epilator, it won’t take you too long to epilate are your body hair and be hairless! If you found that it is hard for you to learn how to do it right, you can try using an epilator once every week until you get used to it. The fewer hairs you have, the faster your session will be. You can even use your epilator while watching your favorite show or listening to music. This way time will pass faster and you won’t feel bored. Note: Epilator vs waxing vs shaving: which one is better?

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When to use an epilator

How to epilate totally depends on your hair density. If you have too much hair you might need to epilate every two weeks to stay hairless. The shorter your hair, the easier and less painful your epilation will be. That’s why many women use their epilator every two weeks even if they still have hairless skin.

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Clean the kit

Remember to clean your epilator tweezers especially if you see visible hairs on it. If it is washable use water to clean it. Even if it is not washable, you can still clean it using the cleaning brush coming with it. Do it before and after using an epilator to protect your hygiene and prevent infection.

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Now you know how to use an epilator to remove unwanted hair in no time. Using an epilator is a great way to save your money. It might have a high initial cost but you don’t have to buy razors or wax anymore. Epilator is the best as it doesn’t darken your skin or cause ingrown hair if you exfoliate regularly. Read our reviews about top epilators on Amazon to choose the best facial epilator and hair removal epilator for your body hair.

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