How To Use A Water Flosser


How to use a water flosser? What are the main types of flossers? And how often to use it.

Oral hygiene is a very important thing to prevent serious diseases like pneumonia and heart problems. You should use water flosser and brush every day to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Water flosser removes food debris and plaque through pushing them using water.

A water flosser is also named water pick or oral irrigator. Some models are main-powered while others work with batteries. The water flows directly from the tap or through a reservoir.

What Are The Directions Of Usage?

It is very easy to use a Waterpik flosser or any other type of flossers. The main types of them are portable, countertop and faucet-fed models. There are many similarities among them as they are water flossers at the end. These instructions will help you use the water flosser correctly:

  1. Select the tip and attach it to the device
  2. Supply the device with the water source. Connect the device to cold water tap or fill the water reservoir. If your teeth are sensitive, you can use lukewarm water.
  3. Start from the lowest pressure setting. If it is not effective for you, you can upgrade to higher temperature settings. Put the tip in your mouth.
  4. Turn the device on and close your lips so you can avoid splashing. At the same time don’t let the water drain into the sink area.
  5. Start treating your gum using the device. direct it towards your teeth too. Move it along so all your teeth are treated evenly.
  6. You will find all the food debris removed. Turn off the flosser, separate the tip and drain any water remaining in the reservoir tank.
  7. Clean the water flosser after each session to keep healthy and hygienic so you can use it again without problems.

You don’t have to stop using mouthwash when you are switching to a water flosser. You can use mouthwash from time to time to fight bacterial growth and tooth decay.

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What Are The Main Types Of Water Flosser?

There are three types of water flosser on the market:

  • Countertop Flosser – this is the largest and heaviest option. The reservoir tank is big and needs a socket near the power source. Some models need a power supply all the time you are using it. You can change the water pressure easily. It is not suitable for travel as you can only use the device at home. if the water pressure at your place is low, this is not the best option for you.
  • Portable Flosser – this is the smallest water flosser design. It has battery power and you can recharge it easily. So this model is perfect for travel. The design is small and slim. You can use it anywhere to floss your teeth using any water pressure and still get effective results. The small size makes it a great option for people who don’t have enough space. See our full reviews of best portable Waterpik reviews
  • Faucet-fed Flosser – this option is great if don’t have enough space at home. You can attach the device directly to your tap and allow the water to flow thanks to pressure settings. You don’t need electric power supply all the time as you can use this model cordless. Controlling the pressure of the water flow is through adjusting the tap of the water flosser.


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Can I Use A Water Flosser With Braces?

Many water flossing devices on the market are made for people with braces. Flossing your teeth regularly is impossible using the traditional method. That’s why water flosser is used, it can remove stubborn food debris and keep your teeth shiny. Most water flossers have extra attachments for braces which are smaller in size than other tips. know more about the benefits of flossing.

It is easy to use water flossing kits for braces, just as you do without braces. You can follow the same instructions we illustrated above. It is always better to start from the lowest pressure especially if you have sensitive teeth. It is very simple and the results worth it.

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How To Choose Your Water Flosser

First, you need to decide where to start your shopping. There are many products on amazon, we reviewed the best water flossers on the market from famous brands like Waterpik: see our full guide of buying a water flosser here.

the classic jet tip is suitable for providing stead flow which is ideal for treating gums and teeth. the toothbrush tip is suitable for improving the quality of the brushing and removing plaques more effectively. The orthodontic tip is suitable for people who have dental braces. There are many other tips like the pocket tip to remove plaques that are hard to reach and the plaque seeker tip for bridges. Always remember to choose a water flosser that does the job effectively in fast time.

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How To Clean My Waterpik?

To clean your Waterpik or your water flosser, fill the reservoir with water. The top should be easily removed to fill. Add lukewarm water and a small amount of chlorhexidine mouthwash. You can clean your water flosser using this solution twice per week to keep it hygienic. Don’t use saltwater in cleaning your water flosser as it might block the pipes and prevent normal water flow.

Also, you can replace your Waterpik parts if you are afraid of using it after someone or if they broke. Some parts can be fixed while others need replacement. The parts are available online for sale. It is always better to replace your water flosser tips every 6 months to prevent infection and health hazards.

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Now you know everything about water flossing at home. We recommend flossing your teeth twice daily.  If you are interested in buying a high-quality model at affordable price, see our full reviews of top-selling water flossers. You will find useful information to help you with this big decision.


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