How To Use A Straightening Brush


How to use a straightening brush like professionals? A step-by-step guide to help you achieve silky straight hair in just minutes.

If you straighten your hair every day and feel like you are exposing it to too might heat, all without choosing the right hair straightening, then this guide is very important to you. best hairbrush straighteners are affordable and available for all budgets. They don’t cause heat damage because the technique is different compared to other straightening methods.

Once you start using hairbrush you will fall in love with it. It will save you much time and effort. The results are amazing and long-lasting for the whole day.

How To Use A Straightening Brush

Wash And Dry Your Hair First

You don’t have to do this step as you will use the hairbrush on dry hair anyway. But doing it is much better for making hairstyles like professionals. You can wash your hair and use a high-quality blow dryer to allow your natural curls to release. This way your straight hairstyle will last for a longer time and the look of your straight hair will be much better.

To dry your hair use either air dry or blow-dry. The main point is drying your hair thoroughly before using the hairbrush to ensure that your hair is completely dry. The temperature of hairbrush can’t be directed to damp hair and might cause permanent damage because of moisture.

Apply Serum Before Using Hairbrush

Once you put your favorite shampoo, conditioner and use a blow dryer, apply serum protectant to protect your hair from hair damage. Remember to choose the right formula for your hair type. Overall, hairbrush straightening is safe to use, but applying serum provides extra resilience to hair heat damage.

To apply serum, put some of the liquid in your hands and apply it on the ends of your hair using your fingers tips. More upward and make sure you are evenly distributing the serum on your hair.

Divide Your Hair Into Sections

The best way to style your hair and save your time at the same time is by dividing your hair into smaller sections. If you have thick hair, you will need to divide your hair into more small sections than girls who have light hair. Use pins to easily divide your hair.

Switch on the hairbrush and start from the lowest temperature settings to avoid heat damage. Dry hair needs a lower temperature than damp hair. If you feel like you are not getting the straight look as you wish, switch to a higher temperature.

Start Using Your Hairbrush

How to use a hair straightening brush? the answer is simple. Start straightening your hair nearby the roots to get efficient results. if your hair is tick it is better to take small bunches of your hair and apply on them. Don’t brush your hair too quickly. This might not allow enough time for the heat to distribute evenly on your hair. Be patient, straighten your hair with the hairbrush slowly but don’t stop while straightening bunch of hairs to get straight hair without breakage. In general, straightening your hair from the back of the head is easier than starting from the upper part of your hair. Once you finish the back you can straighten the top or the sides. After a while of using hair straightening, you will know which technique is suitable for your hair length and volume.

You Should know that your hairbrush is not a replacement for your regular hairbrush. Brush your hair first to detangle any knots. This way you will reduce the duration of your hairstyling procedure. See our full reviews of best straightening hairbrushes on the market.

Finishing Touch To Your Hair Straightening Experience

After styling your hair using your high-quality hair straightener, switch off the hairbrush and leave it to cool down. It is great to apply hairspray to add some shine to your final professional look. Many girls use hair protectant spray like a hair spray which is good if your heat protectant spray is designed for multiple uses. Read more about how to straight curly and straight hair at home like professionals.

Remember to clean your hairbrush straightener after finishing your hairstyle and before putting it back again. See the instructions of how to clean your hairbrush on the user manual. It is very important to increase the lifespan of your hairbrush straightening and to avoid heat damage.

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Restyling Your Hair

Unlike traditional hairstyling methods, you can use your hairbrush straightening for restyling your hair without washing it first. When you feel like your straight hair starts to frizz and is not before, you can use hairbrush safely. Moreover, you can get back the same hairstyle by adjusting the temperature on the low-temperature setting. It is a general rule you can always follow and get the best results: start from the lowest heat temperature and increase only if you see that your hairbrush straightening is not as expected. See our full reviews of best hair straighteners on the market to learn more about how to choose the right hairbrush for your hair type. Also, if you like flat irons more see our full reviews of best flat irons. None of the products mentioned in the buying guide cause heat damage. See how to repair heat damaged hair naturally.

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Why Women Love Hairbrush Straighteners?

Simply we can summarize the best things about hairbrush straighteners:

  • Suitable for straightening curly hair
  • Allows even heat distribution
  • Easy to use
  • Safer than flat irons
  • Lower heat required and doesn’t cause hair damage

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Now you know the main steps about how to use a straightening brush at home and make your own professional look. It is really easy to master hair straightening at home because many hairbrushes are made for home use. If you don’t have a hairbrush or you are thinking about upgrading yours, see our full reviews first to find out which one is the best for your hair type.

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