How To Straighten Hair


How to straighten your hair? Important tools to help you achieve perfect hair look at low budget and common mistakes to avoid.

Since flat irons appearance on the market, we are all obsessed with styling your hair every day in the morning. Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, you can use flat irons. It is an easy way to style your hair quickly. Flat irons are on the market since the 1990s. we will take you through the best ways to straighten your hair with and without heat. 

You don’t have to be professional to use flat irons. Many models are for home use and don’t cause heat damage to your hair. At first, flat irons were only available on salons but now you can make many hairstyles at home using your flat iron as it allows heat protection.

How To Straighten Hair Using Flat Iron

You can straighten your hair at home easily using new models of flat irons. As salon prices are increasing every day, it is better to save some money on hairstyling while achieving the same results. In particular situations, you will find out that you don’t have time to go to the salon. Having your own flat iron makes hairstyling in the morning a part of your routine. It is all about practice so, don’t get disappointed from the first try!

Tools You Will Need

To achieve professional straight hairstyle at home, there are many tools to help you, we are including the most important ones

  • High-quality flat iron – the best flat iron has many temperature settings and doesn’t cause heat damage such as ceramic flat irons. It is a good investment as it distributes heat evenly and suitable for tall, short and thick hair. If you have long hair choose wide plate and slimmer plate if your hair is short. The best flat iron is the one that heats up quickly to save your time. see our full reviews of best flat irons.
  • Hair Protectant Spray – To protect your hair while straightening and to avoid hair damage you should use a hair spray protectant. It moisturizes the hair and contains many nutritional ingredients. The best hair spray contains argan oil which is a very effective antioxidant. Some of them fix your hairstyle for longer time
  • Wide Brush – brush your hair and make sure you remove all knots and tangle before start using your flat iron. it is easier to style your hair this way as you will take less time o to separate it into smaller sections.
  • Hair Clips – they are very important to hold your hair tight while styling. If you didn’t hold your hair, it might be overexposed to heat and cause damage. See how to reduce heat damage.
  • Setting Spray – setting spray is the best if you want your hairstyle to last all day and more! You don’t have to restyle your hair daily. Also, you can use simple methods to leave your straight hair the same overnight without any problems. Search for hair setting spray that straightens your hair and adds shine to your healthy hair.


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Common Straightening Mistakes You Should Avoid

Once you feel like you are getting amazing results with your flat iron, you will go much faster each time. this is totally wrong. Here are some hairstyling mistakes you need to know to avoid and simple solutions to correct them:

  1. Applying too much or too little spray – you need to apply enough amount of hair protectant spray before using a flat iron and enough amount of hair setting spray after too. If you added much you will feel like your hair is greasy. Within time you will understand your hair needs and the amount required from each hair spray precisely.
  2. Dividing hair into still large sections – If you find that you are not getting straight hair while moving the flat iron slowly, that is probably the cause. Divide your hair into smaller sections and try again. You might also need to increase the temperature setting if it is too low to your hair type. It will get better with some practice.
  3. Straightening your damp hair – Some people don’t dry their hair completely before using a flat iron. it is a big mistake, don’t push yourself to do that even if your schedule is tight. If you are in a hurry, use the best blow dryer that will dry your hair in just minutes. See our full reviews of the best blow dryer on the market. Start blow drying your hair from the roots and brush it with a wide comb until you feel that all your hair is dry.
  4. Not cleaning your flat iron – if you find that your hair is catching on the hair straightener and hard to glide, it is probably the cause. You should clean your flat iron properly after each time you use it. Switch it off and wait until it cools down. Clean it as directed on the user manual. Generally, you can use alcohol to remove any traces. It is always better to clean your flat iron each time after using it to avoid building up of residue.
  5. Starting from the highest temperature setting – Some people use the highest temperature setting to style their hair faster but actually, you don’t. very high temperature causes hair damage that can’t be fixed easily. If your hair is fine or damaged don’t use temperature higher than 300°F. If your hair is normal to choose temperature setting around 300°F and 380°F. If your hair is thick you might need a higher temperature to straighten.
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We hope you feel more confident now and happy with how to straight your hair and make professional hairstyles at home. Don’t get disappointed if you didn’t achieve the exact look you want for the first time. you can see our guide about how to straight your hair at home to help you. If you are thinking about upgrading your hair straightener, see our full reviews of best models on the market. It includes top flat irons from famous brands to help you choose the right model.

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