How To Steam Your Face


How to steam your face using a facial steamer? Is it safe to add fragrance to the facial steamer? And how to steam your face at home? this guide will help you achieve pure healthy skin using face steam machine and natural methods.

Best facial steamer models are easy to use. They produce very fine nano steam that exfoliates your skin. The steam removes built dirt and makeup traces from your skin. Some facial sauna models are suitable for aromatherapy. They produce cool steam that cleanses your skin and makes you more relaxed.

Why you should face a steam machine?

 Facial sauna has many benefits for your skin including:

  • It makes you more relaxed and makes your skin looks younger.
  • It opens up the clog and removes blackheads and whiteheads effectively.
  • Steaming your face hydrates it and promotes collagen production.
  • it encourages blood circulation and lowers blood pressure effectively
  • it softens your skin and removes makeup traces and impurities deeply.


Today, many people try facial steaming. You can see it in every sauna and spa as it now an essential treatment. You can have a facial steamer at home to give you more privacy and also it is much cheaper to use it at home. we will show you how to use it correctly and its benefits to your skin.

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How to use a facial steamer?

 It is very easy to use a face steam machine. The designs of facial steamers are easy to use following the instructions of it.

It is very important for your safety to know if your facial steamer has a switch off button or not. This will guarantee your safety by switching it off to prevent it from boiling dry if you forgot to switch it off after finishing your facial steamer. Our guide about benefits of steaming face for acne and other health problems contain many tips to help steam your face effectively. 

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Preparing the facial steamer

Before using your face steam machine, run the machine for a couple of cycles first. After the running and leaving it for a couple of cycles, fill it with enough amount of distilled water.

If your facial steamer is aromatherapy one, you can add a few drops of your favorite relaxing oil or fragrance. You can also add fresh fruits to the aromatherapy basket. If your facial sauna not suitable for aromatherapy don’t try any of that. It might cause serious damage to the machine.

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Exfoliate First

To get the best results of facial steaming treatment, Exfoliate before using your steamer. Moreover, you can also cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser. They are effective in removing makeup traces and impurities. Cleaning your skin before applying facial steamer ensures that your pores will remain opened and clear when directed to the steam. In addition, it will increase the benefits of facial sauna.

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Be relaxed

After cleaning your face, relax to start your session. Follow your steamer instructions to know exactly the distance you should be from the nozzle of your facial steamer. In most facial steamer you are advised to stay away from the nozzle of the steamer by a few inches

Now you are ready to use the facial sauna. Switch it one and enjoy its soothing effect. To get the best results use the steamer for 5:20 minutes. You could know more about how to use your facial steamer from your beauty therapist to know what your skin needs. Read our review about best facial steamer in the market.


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Extract blockages

Don’t squeeze spots. The best time to remove blockages is after facial steam. You need to make sure that you are removing excess oils and bacteria from your skin. Squeezing spots might cause scars and infection. learn how to reduce pore size.

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Apply a product

After using the facial steam, your face is more likely to absorb topical products. So if you want to apply a medical product or a moisturizer for your face, do it after facial steaming. Just wait until your face is dry. Apply the product or the mask using washed hands or a brush for application. Leave the mask on your skin until it is absorbed then wash your face with enough water.

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Clean your steamer regularly

To keep your skin hygiene and to avoid steamer damage, remember to clean your facial steamer after each time you use it. Cleaning your steamer is necessary to protect you and your skin. Turn off your steamer and unplug it. Leave the facial steamer to cool down for a while. Empty the reservoir and rinse it out. If your device is an aromatherapy one, remove the basket of the oil and empty it then start cleaning it using soap.

For cleaning the steamer, use a disinfectant. The ingredient used in cleaning the steamer from the inside might vary from a model to another. Check the instruction of cleaning your facial steamer. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines that show in detail how to clean your facial steamer effectively. After that, leave the facial steamer to air dry before storage. This way you will avoid the build-up of mildew and you will keep your device hygiene for the next time you are going to use it. know more about how to steam your face for acne scars.

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How to add an oil principle to my steamer?

It is very easy to add an oil principle or a fragrance to your facial steamer. First, you have to be sure that your facial steamer is aromatherapy. If not you can get facial steamer online that is designed for aromatherapy.

If your facial steamer is a regular model, don’t add oil principle as it might damage your steamer. The aromatherapy steamers are designed for this purpose. They include a separate basket for the addition of oil principle and fragrance. In addition, it is suitable for adding fresh fruits.

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Now you know how to steam your face effectively. Using best facial steamer will help you have a clear youthful looking skin. The results are impressive for the first time. using facial steamer is very easy. Don’t forget to do it every week to keep your skin healthy and clear.

If you are searching for the best affordable facial steamer you can have a look at our best facial steamer guide.

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