How To Remove Facial & Body Hair At Home Permanently


We will discuss all available affordable options that you can use to remove your body hair permanently and achieve the silky skin you always want to have.

Unwanted body hair is a real issue for beautygirls and handsome men. That’s why it is always better to search for an easy permanent way to solve this problem. You can use wax or depilatory creams but the results only last for one day or two days maximum. Now, most people have a body & facial hair removal. Salons are raising their prices which make having permanent hair removal at clinics expensive and less affordable compared to doing it at home.

Permanently remove body hair at home

Best hair removal new technology is using the laser. You can see real results after only 3 sessions! although some hair types and skins require more sessions.

Laser hair removal concentrates beams of light into the hair follicle. The hair absorbs the light and it is destroyed without affecting other areas. Thanks to the heat, the hair follicles stop growing.

Having a body and facial hair removal at clinics is expensive. You could pay $1000 dollars for only 8 sessions on a small area like your underarms area. The best alternative is having at home laser hair removal kit. This way you can apply it to different areas of your body and pay less than the cost of one session at the clinic.

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IPL treatment at home

IPL is similar to hair removal using the laser in many things. The difference between them is the technique used. Instead of directing laser light to heat follicles, it uses a broad spectrum of light. It needs more sessions to achieve great results but at the same time, it is cheaper than using laser hair removal. Some women and men prefer using IPL which you can do it at home using IPL treatment kit at home. you can have IPL treatment at the clinic but it is usually the same cost of laser hair removal as it needs more sessions. see more about how IPL works.

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You can read now our ultimate guide including best laser hair removal kit from best brands, which we made about best hair removal laser and IPL treatment at home.

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Can I apply laser hair removal for face and private parts?

Many laser hair removal kits are suitable for use on face and bikini area. Also, some kits are made especially for removing facial hair. You should consider that the body skin is more sensitive in these areas so you might need to ask your dermatologist first before apply hair removal using IPL or laser therapy and whether it is suitable for your skin or not.

You can use laser and IPL treatment on the area below the check line. It is not suitable to remove eyebrows as this area is near the eye and directing the laser near the eye is not advisable. On the other hand, men can’t use laser treatment for removing their facial hair.

Another at home solution for unwanted hair is waxing. It is a popular way of removing bikini line hair although it causes ingrown hairs and folliculitis. That’s why waxing might trigger having an infection in this area. Therefore, if you are going to waxing your bikini region try applying tea tree oil or witch hazer after the waxing. This is a great way to reduce inflammation and reduce the pain in the area. It might also reduce waxing side effects.

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How to remove unwanted hair Naturally at home?

There are many natural ways to remove body hair. You must know that these methods are not as effective as laser therapy. It won’t stop body hair from coming back but it will reduce it. We can’t promise anything permanent with natural remedies.

The remedies we will mention are effective in controlling body hair, just try them until you find which is suitable for you.

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Raw Papaya for body hair removal

This tropical fruits enriched with vitamins and minerals and also papain enzyme. This enzyme breaks down follicles and suppressing the hair cycle. So it will help you remove current hair and delay the coming back of it. What’s great about Papaya is its exfoliating action. It will exfoliate your skin and make it looks much healthier.

How to use Raw Papaya for body hair

For this method, you will need: Raw Papaya and Raw Turmeric root

Peel the papaya and cut it into small cubes then start smashing them until you see the juice inside it. Smash the Raw turmeric root too and mix them together. Apply the natural treatment to the area you are going to treat. Massage the pulp to your skin. Rinse the treatment from your skin and repeat the same treatment once or twice each week for best results.

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Lemon and honey for body hair removal

Sugar, lemon, and honey are great for removing hair and nourishing your skin. In order to apply this remedy, you need to trim your hair one week before it.

How to use Sugar, Honey, and lemon for body hair

  1. Mix equal amounts of honey, sugar and lemon juice together. Place them in a bowl and start heating them. Let the mixture boil until it is sticky and its viscosity is increased.
  2. You will get a thick wax-like paste. If the paste is very sticky and thick you can loosen it with a little amount of water until you are satisfied with it.
  3. Apply a small amount of cornstarch on your skin in order to prevent clinging.
  4. Start applying the paste on the area you are going to treat using a wooden spoon. It is better to apply it in the same direction of hair growth. You can remove the paste by pulling it or by using a pat which is a strip of waxing cloth. This method is very similar to waxing but it is more natural and more effective, you will be impressed by your results!

Natural remedies are not very effective on removing hair permanently although these remedies nourish your skin and moisturize it so no harm of applying them from time to time. they are very cheap and suitable for both women and men to be applied to the skin. here you can find more about permanent hair removal options.

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In conclusion, we recommend using laser hair removal kits if you want to remove your body hair permanently. This way you will save much money and won’t worry about buying topical creams, oils, and razors anymore. Preventing hair growth from the root is the only permanent way. It is the most popular way among women who removed their body hair permanently and also have impressive proven results. Other ways only remove surface hair without preventing the regrowth of body hair. Here you can find more about how laser hair removal works and the advantage of applying it to your skin.

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