How To Dry Hair Fast


Discover how to dry hair fast at home, best methods available form blow drying to air drying to have luxurious hair look.

Sometimes we don’t have enough time to dry our hair in the morning. Traditional methods are not a quick solution. Yet you don’t have to wait for an overnight period to dry your hair. We will tell you everything about how to dry your hair and enrich your hair follicles at the same time so that you have healthier hair, using new methods is a must nowadays.

Good hair day is hard to maintain every day. But thanks to the new technologies available now, you can dry and style your hair in just minutes.

Use A microfiber towel

To dry your hair and remove excess water wrap it with a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt. Squeeze out the excess water then roll the microfiber towel around your hair to make sure you are removing excess water. This way you can dry your hair faster using other hair drying methods.

Good Hair Dying Tools For Faster Results

Choosing drying tools of good quality is very important as they are easier to use and give you great results in a short time. hair drying technology is very advanced, you can buy a great hair dryer on average $80. The more expensive hair dryers are using modern technologies that protect your hair and prevent heat damage to your hair.

 Ionic Technology hair Dryer

It is a newly developed technology to protect your hair while drying. Ions are charged molecules that have a negative or positive charge. It will evaporate water faster which means that you will spend less time dying your hair in the morning. What’s more stunning about ionic technology that it hydrates your hairs while drying and keep it shiny.

Choose The Right Hair Brush

Not all hair brushes are suitable for drying your hair. Stay away from boar-bristle brushes if you are going to use the brush with the blow dryer. Boar bristle brushes might cause hair damage when your hair is still wet. On the other hand, you can use it on dry your hair in order to distribute natural oils on your hair strands evenly.

Paddle brushes are good although we don’t recommend using brushes that have small balls at the ends. Your hair might be trapped on them which cause further hair loss.

The best option for you is getting a vented brush with smooth bristles. It will let the air distribute between your hairs evenly and make the moisture evaporate faster.

Choose Your Towel Carefully

It is always better to use microfiber towel as it makes your hair dry in a shorter time. while cotton towels absorb water fast, it may cause damage to your hair and your face compared to microfiber. Cotton towels are thicker and your hair won’t dry fast as the other towels. Also, microfiber towels are available in small sizes, suitable for traveling and gives you better results.

Always remember not to rub your hair. Flip your head then wrap your hair using your towel. Squeeze the microfiber towel around your hair and blot it. Try to avoid rubbing as much as you can. It causes tangles and knots which means you will need more time to dry your hair and that might cause damage too!

How To Dry Hair Quickly & Effectively

Here are some tips to help you dry your hair in no time using your blow dryer at home:

Remove excess water first

Before starting using your blow dryer, squeeze your hair with the microfiber towel enough until there is no water dripping. This will help you dry your hair in no time. And as we said don’t rub your hair, you can shake it with the towel if you need that but avoid rubbing. The friction damage the hair because it is still wet and might cause tangles and knots.

Dry Your Hair Out Of The Bathroom

The bathroom is full of humidity and moisture. You can’t dry your hair at such conditions even if you are using the best blow dryer with the highest speed ever. To achieve faster results, dry your hair in a cool place like your room.

Start From The Roots

There are many advantages of drying the roots of the hair first. They are harder to dry because your hair is denser on the roots. You will need a longer time to dry the roots compared to the hair. Keep your hair dryer moving and don’t focus on one place for a long time to avoid hair damage because of the overheating. If you started drying your hair without completely drying the roots, your hair will be shorter and that’s something you are trying to avoid

Use The Brush While Blow drying

Through dividing your hair into smaller sections, brushing will increase the surface area that is affected by the heat. This way your hair will dry faster. Also, it is a great way to style freely as you want. If you want to make wavy hairstyle, you can use a round brush while flat brushes are used for getting the straight hairstyle.

Use Extra attachments

You can use a diffuser to dry your curly hair without affecting the natural look of your curls. This way the heat is distributed on a larger area of your heat evenly and in a more concentrated form.


There are many ways to blow your hair using best models of hair dyer. to get the best hairstyle, we recommend using a high-quality blow dryer as it is cost effective and will give you great results in a short time. if you are thinking about upgrading your blow dryer and save your time in the morning by getting a faster one, you can check our full reviews of best hair dryers available on the market to choose the best one for your hair type.

Tell us more in the comments below how do you style your hair and dry it fast in the morning.

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