How To Blow Dry Hair


How to blow dry hair naturally? And how to use a blow dryer to get perfect hair without frizz? This guide will help you finish off your hair.

It is easy to use a blow dryer to dry your hair but there are certain steps to help you style your hair. The silky-smooth hair appearance is very amazing and it will make your hair look special. You can blow out your hair to make it wavy, straight or well-defined curly hairstyle using a different technique of blowing your hair.

Why You Should Try Blowing Your Hair

Of course, you went to a hair salon before, they use hair dryers to make the fantastic finish and to make the hairstyle lasts longer. Whether you want to use a hair dryer to make a new hairstyle for a special event or you are thinking of changing your hair look at all, using the blow dryer right is a great skill you should learn. You will be amazed by how many hairstyles you can make and they perfectly suitable for your hair type.

Life is fast, you don’t have half an hour or more to make your hair routine in the morning. That’s the secret of hair dryers. You can make perfect hairstyles in just minutes! In addition, new models of hair dryers increase the health of your hair follicles and nourish your scalp compared to air dry. You don’t have to buy a professional blow dryer, there are many hair dryers that you can use easily and master it. This guide will help you create beautiful blow dry quickly at home.

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How To Choose the right hair dryer?

This is the secret of having a professional hairstyle. If you are looking for a dryer that you can use for more than just drying your hair, you must look for more features. We recommend getting a dryer of 1,800 watts at least. You need more than 2 air settings to make different fixed hairstyles. Start your blow drying with medium heat and complete with higher heat. The cool setting is the best for finishing off your hairstyle. Nozzle protects your hair from hair damage. Search for a blow dryer that does the job fast to save your money and effort. Learn how to dry hair fast

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How to blow dry hair straight

You don’t have to go to the salon to straighten your hair. Therefore, we will show you how to blow dry your hair depending on its length.

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Blow dry short hair

  1. Put a heat protecting agent through the damp strands from the roots of the hair to the ends.
  2. Clip up the upper section of your hair.
  3. Start blowing your hair dry from the back. Use a flat brush to make the hairstyle of straight hair look.
  4. After that blow-dry, the sides then brush the front side down and start blow drying bands.
  5. Unclip the rest of your hair and blow them dry down until all your hair is dry.
  6. You can warm a tiny dab of your hairs to make a perfect short hairstyle.

In conclusion, the best way to blow dry short hair is by using a flat brush with nylon bristles. See best blow dryer reviews here.

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Blow dry medium length hair

  1. Start by spreading a volumizer to the roots of your hair.
  2. Apply the leave-in conditioner to the ends.
  3. If you have short bands, start blow drying your bands first while focusing on the ends of the hairs.
  4. Dry the sides and the ends of your hairs until they are a bit dry.
  5. Clip the top of your hair and finish dry the other parts focusing the nozzle to the ends.
  6. Unclip and dry the top section. You can hold the blow dryer up until your top hair is perfectly dry.

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Blow dry tall hair

  1. Apply a leave-in conditioner and shine serum to the ends of your hair while wet.
  2. Blow dry most of your hair without using a brush to make sure you that most of the moisture is gone.
  3. Clip the top of your hears. Start the blow dry from the back of your head.
  4. Unravel hair and rotate to make curls if you want to get the wavy hairstyle.
  5. Apply a spray on your hair and massage the roots of your scalp to get a relaxing effect.
  6. The flat iron is a great option for styling long hair after hair drying.
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How to blow dry your curly hair

Curly hair needs more care than straight hair. All the tangles and waves and the baby hairs that frizz, the quality of your hair dryer affect your results. Note all hair dryers are suitable for curly hair, the new moderns are great as they use ionic technology that reduces frizz and nourishes your hair. Infrared technology is another new technology for drying curly hair effectively and safely.

Blow dryers today are not restricted for straightening your hair. You can use a flat iron to straighten your hair if you want. Therefore, drying your hair using a blow dryer is a healthier way to get a fixed hairstyle. Here are the steps of drying curly hair:

  1. Pick around hairbrush and apply a heat protectant spray first.
  2. Divide your hair into sections by your fingers.
  3. You can use a diffuser if you have one. Alternately you can use the flat nozzle to blow dry your hair. Twist small sections of hair together to get a naturally curly look.
  4. This way you will get fixed curly without the frizz.

To sum up, you need hair clips to separate your hair sections without causing damage to your damp hair. Also, This way will protect your already dried hairs from over-drying and heat damage.

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In conclusion, now you know enough about how to achieve beautiful professional-quality hairstyle using a blow dryer at home. you should consider buying a safe blow dryer that can make amazing look without affecting your hair health. Cheap blow dryer causes hair damage and is not suitable for making many hairstyles. You can read our full buying guide to know the best safest blow dryers for home and professional use.

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