How Does Red light Therapy Work?


Does red light therapy work? In what conditions it is effective? find more about the safety and potency of red light treatment.

Red light therapy is one of the safest methods for treating multiple conditions using a single device. it uses specific wavelengths of light that can penetrate deeply in your skin and treating your body from inside and outside. Red light therapy has many forms like a bed, face mask, and kits, we will discuss its potency and mechanism of action to show you why it is popular these days.

How Does Red light Therapy Work

Red light therapy work by targeting infrared light wavelengths towards your skin. They are safer than UV light and doesn’t cause side effects as red light treatment utilizes low energy power. The light is deeply absorbed on your skin to relieve many health concerns. It is the only treatment that doesn’t cause long term side effects. Short term problems don’t happen to all people. Learn more about led light therapy side effects and find out what is red light therapy.

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What Are The Benefits of Red Light Treatment?

Red light treatment improves the overall health of the body. It increases the blood circulation and flows to the skin. So, it increases the oxygen and nutrition delivered to your face and body. At the same time, it promotes the activity of fibroblasts and increases the collagen and elastin fibers on the skin. In other words, if you are looking for an effective treatment that can reduce inflammation and increase the lymphatic flow to remove waste products, red light treatment is what you are looking for. Led light therapy doesn’t affect the genes which make it a safer option that other light treatment methods.

You can use red light treatment for removing wrinkles and combine it with the best anti-wrinkle creams. Some people use light therapy as IPL and red light treatment for reducing eczema and psoriasis. The results are really impressive and considered fast compared to traditional ways.

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What Is The Source of Light In Red Light Therapy Kits?

The light used in the device varies depending on the health condition it is can effectively heal. Red light devices have different ranges of wavelengths to choose from depending on your health problem and duration of use. For some health problems, the best source of light is a fluorescent lamp. Other health diseases are better treated using led red light therapy or using a polychromatic laser source. The most commonly used source of light used today is the LED laser. They are safe to use and give you great results faster than many other light sources. know more about red light therapy and acne.

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Is It Safe To Use Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy doesn’t contain any harmful light as UV light. The UV light is now replaced by a red LED light treatment options like the UV light cause ionization of cells and cancer. As the red light doesn’t denature the genes or cause cell mutation, it is considered safe to use. Some researches showed that the red light therapy reduces the symptoms of cancer and they are testing it for usage on pre-existed tumors.  We don’t recommend using red light treatment for tumors or cancer without asking your oncologist first to avoid any health hazard.

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Does It Cause Pain?

Red light treatment doesn’t cause pain at all. Also, the red light itself doesn’t irritate your eyes. However, the source of light used might cause high glare which is responsible for the eye irritation. It is always better to wear protective glasses to protect your eye. Don’t direct the light source towards your eyes to minimize the eye irritation. Some red-light therapy devices are claimed not to cause eye problems but it is always better to wear eye goggles to stay safe. As you should not look directly towards the sun to protect your eye, the same roles applied to this device. Some models come with eye goggles while others not, you can buy the glasses separately as well. See our full reviews of best red light therapy kits available at affordable prices.

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How Many Sessions Should I Have?

The number of sessions of red light treatment depends on the health condition you are suffering from and the improvement of your therapy plan. If you have a severe condition and you are taking complementing medications, you might not get fast results. while other diseases are solved from one session. If you are thinking about having a red light therapy to use at home, consider your current health problem. You should ask your doctor first about your disease, and whether it is effective for your condition or not. He might advise you to use it with other treatment methods to get the most of your treatment plan.

The side effects of red light treatment are not much. It might cause redness, swelling or drying of the skin. These side effects don’t happen to all people and they are just temporary. The side effects of peeling and crusting are much more so people use red light treatment as it causes minimal side effects based on real users’ reviews.

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Best At-Home Red Light Therapy Devices

You can find many FDA-cleared red light machines that are designed for home use. Some of them have built-in eye protection to treat facial problems, heal wounds without affecting your eyes. Some models combine the benefits of blue light therapy and red light therapy to give you faster results. Many kits are designed to achieve many requirements. For perfect skincare, you can try red light therapy combined with steaming. See our full guide about benefits of steaming face for acne

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Now you know how does red light therapy work, It is safe to use for treating multiple skin conditions. Make sure you are getting the best light therapy for your condition without causing pain. Best red light therapy devices can treat serious problems like acne, rosacea and muscle pain. To find more about red light therapy, see our full reviews to purchase the right device for your condition.

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