How Does Laser Hair & IPL Removal Work?


how does laser hair removal work? and what about IPL? Here’s a complete guide about laser therapy and IPL technology – how do they work, is the treatment painful and how to compare between them? And which is suitable for you?

Both laser hair removal and IPL laser are common now for hair reduction and permanent hair removal at home or at the clinic. Waxing and shaving are not pleasant ways because they have many side effects as ingrown hair and skin inflammation. It is totally different when it comes to laser and IPL hair removal. You will get painless experience with guaranteed results.

What are the laser & IPL laser?

IPL stands for intense pulse light. Both IPL and laser therapy are effective ways for hair reduction. They work through directing a beam of light over the affected area of skin. The light targets hair follicles as they have high pigmentation. The hair follicles are heated up and destroyed. Finally, you get smooth baby skin feeling.

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How does laser hair removal work? and IPL?

IPL is similar to laser hair removal. The difference between them is that IPL is more like a flash-lamp. It sends scattered wavelengths of light to target the hair follicle. While the laser therapy sends the light of one wavelength. IPL only works for people who have fair skin with dark hair color.

Does laser hair removal hurt? And what about IPL? They don’t hurt at all while the treatment session. You might feel irritation on the affected skin for 2 days similar to sunburns and it goes away fast.

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IPL vs laser therapy, which is better?

They give you the same results. The difference between them is the light distribution. IPL is more than one wavelength while laser therapy is a focused a beam of light.

The laser hair removal directs the beam of light to the root of the hair while IPL spreads light over the area you are going to treat. Overall, laser hair removal machine is more specific than IPL and you will need fewer sessions to achieve the same results while it is more expensive than IPL laser.

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How many sessions of laser or IPL laser hair removal do I need?

There are many factors that affect the treatment session numbers and duration of each treatment. Some areas require a single session while others require more than 7 treatments.

We would say that you will need several treatments if you want to remove body hair permanently as the hairs are not responsive to the treatment at all stages of the hair growth cycle. To get the best result to apply treatment in the initial stage of hair growth (anagen stage). The melanin in the anagen stage is in its highest so that the light beam will be completely absorbed and the treatment will be much successful. The higher the temperature of the beam is, the better results you will get.

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Which parts are safe to apply laser and IPL treatment?

You can apply them safely to all your body parts including facial hair removal, underarms, bikini line, and legs. Also, men can do laser therapy for all body parts except the face. It is not advised to use it on scalp, nipples or genitals.

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Why use IPL and laser hair removal machine?

There are many benefits of using laser and IPL hair removal including the following:

Cost-effective treatment

You pay much money on treatment sessions, that’s right. At the same time, the results are perfect. You don’t need to spend much money anymore in razors and shaving creams. Your life will be changed completely!

Successful methods

Most people who use laser therapy achieved satisfying results after 3:7 treatments. At the other hand, if you have lighter hair you might need more treatments as the darker hair is more affected by laser and IPL laser treatment.


The pigmentation is much higher in hairs than skin. That’s why the treatment is successful and precise. The laser and IPL therapy are effective in destroying the root of the hairs.

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Laser hair removal and pregnancy

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding we don’t recommend having laser therapy or IPL laser. Many of your medications might increase your skin sensitivity to light that’s why it is better to avoid laser and IPL during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Since when people use laser and IPL laser hair removal?

People use laser hair removal since the mid-1990s till now. It has been studied carefully for more than 20 years before releasing it commercially. A research was published in the Archives of dermatology about laser hair removal in 1998. Since then it becomes a popular method for removing body hair and facial hair without scaring or inflammation. Now, there are many products that use laser hair removal at home. many of them are FDA approved and successful as well as professional laser treatment

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Does IPL and laser hair removal have side effects?

IPL and laser hair removal methods may cause minor side effects. They don’t last for longer than a day but in rare cases, the side effects might last for a few days after laser therapy.


You might feel uncomfortable after applying the treatment but this feeling does not last for a long time on your skin. It fades away after only a few hours of laser hair removal

Skin irritation

It is the most common side effect of laser and IPL treatment between people.

Slight discoloration

Some people may experience darker or lighter skin discoloration. It is rare and doesn’t happen to all people. The discoloration fades away after a short time.

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In conclusion, you know now How Does Laser Hair & IPL Removal Work. Both laser and IPL laser are great for removing hair permanently. You should consider laser hair removal at home if you are searching for an alternative solution for expensive laser therapy at clinics. You only need to buy a well-known laser hair removal device, check out our guide for top products.

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