Heat Damaged Hair


How to repair heat damaged hair without trimming using natural ways? Is hair care routine enough? find out actually effective ways to make your hair healthier and shiner!

Your hair says a lot about your personality. We all enjoy styling your hair and using hair straighteners. Using low-quality hair straightener overheats your hair. We will show you how to prevent heat damage and fix your hair without the need for trimming.

Heat damage occurs because you heat your hair for a long time or use a low-quality blow dryer or flat iron. Some signs will warn you that you are overheating your hair such as split ends, excessive hair shedding, too much frizzy hair, and dry texture. If you experienced any of these signs, you should make your own hair care routine before it is too late.

How To Fix Heat Damage At Home?

Overheating your hair causes serious problems, that’s why you should change your hair routine from now on. The longer you delay fixing the hair damage, the harder it will become. Recovering your hair from heat damage is not a simple job. You need to put your effort on it to achieve fast results.

Choose Gentle Shampoo

You should switch to a more nourishing shampoo to recover heat damage. Choose sulfate free shampoos while washing your hair with lukewarm water instead of hot water. In addition, it is better to wash your hair twice or once per week. If you will that your hair needs to be washed, you can use gentle dry shampoo instead of washing off. This method will allow natural oils to nourish your hair again. Stay away from silicones and parabens to get healthier hair.

Change Your Conditioner

If your hair is low protein, consider getting a protein-based conditioner, which will help, in hair recovery. It will fill the seen gaps between hairs and prevent further heat damage. At the same time, you shouldn’t put the hair conditioner on your hair for a long time. just leave it for 2-5 minutes or as directed on the label to prevent any harm.
You can also get a deep conditioner if you want to style your hair without heat. It will nourish your hair with important proteins and keep it hydrated. Some deep conditioners are applied for an overnight period while others are applied for 20 minutes. Read the label of your deep conditioner first. Also, you can make your own deep conditioner from natural ingredients at home. Olive oil is great for dry hair, apply if for 4 hours or more then wash your hair with shampoo and wait for the results!

Dry Your Hair Gently

If you want to dry your hair fast, make sure to choose a high-quality blow dryers. Modern blow dryers protect your hair from heat damage; see our full reviews of best blow dryers on the market.
You can use a cold air setting to avoid damage, also, using a microfiber towel is better on wet hair. If you don’t have a microfiber towel, you can use a t-shirt to dry your hair. Leave it for 15 minutes or more until you feel that the moisture is absorbed from your hair.

Avoid Hair Dyes

As heat treatment causes damage, hair dyes might cause similar damage to your hair follicles. If you are a big fan of colored dyes, search for a gentle semi-permanent hair dye of a high quality that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

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How To Prevent Heat Damage?

Best hair treatment is protecting your hair before it is damaged. It is much easier to follow these protective rules to protect your healthy shiny hair.
Use Thermal Protective Spray
You should apply a protective spray before using a blow dryers or using the flat iron. Even if your device protects your hair from damage, it is always better to apply a protective spray to give your hair more protection against heat damage. Also, they may contain nourishing ingredients such as argan oil and keratin. It is not only about styling your hair but also making your hair healthier.

Detangle and Remove Knots First

It is golden advice you should consider before blow-drying your hair or straightening. You can detangle your hair using a brush or using your fingers. This way the time you hold heat towards your hair is much less. Also, the heat will be evenly distributed on your hair to avoid heat damage. Learn how to dry hair fast safely.

Don’t Style While Wet

Wait until your hair is fully dry before using the hair straightener. Whether you leave your hair for air dry or use a blow dryer, don’t style your hair when it is still wet. Heating your hair directly after a shower can fry your hair and cause serious damage

Consider A Gentler Alternative

If you like the look of straight hair, like the most of us, consider upgrading your hair straightener to a protective method. You can use the hairbrush to straighten your hair as it doesn’t heat to high temperatures like flat irons. This way your hair will be exposed to heat for a shorter period of time. see our full reviews of best hair brushes on the market.
In addition, choosing a high-quality blow dryer using ionic technology will protect your hair from further damage and fix it. The ionic technology prevents hair damage to the cuticle of the hairs. In other words, new models of blow dryers are much safer to use.

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The methods we mentioned to prevent and fix heat damaged hair are worth it. You have to care enough about your hair health to avoid split ends. If you straighten your hair regularly, use a high-quality hair straightener that is effective in making the perfect straight hairstyle without causing heat damage. New models of hair straighteners nourish your hair and even fix split ends. If you are thinking about upgrading your flat iron, read our full reviews first to choose the right hair straightener for your hair length.
Tell us more about your experience with fixing heat damaged hair or the methods we included in the comments below!

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