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How to get beach waves hair at home? these hair tutorials include professional and beginners methods to help you.

Even if you don’t have a curling iron, we are talking about all ways of making your hair wavy like celebrities. Beach waves hair look is suitable for all hair types and face shapes. You can master making loose curls using a flat iron straightener. The methods we will discuss are very simple. who said you can’t have the summer look all year long?

If you want to make professional beach waves you need to choose the right products, tools and application methods. Some methods need less than 10 minutes to finish off! Moreover, we are including methods that don’t require having a hair waver iron.  If you want to make the perfect look waves, we recommend reading our full reviews to help you make the right decision.

Curling Wand: In 10 minutes

the ideal beach waves begin halfway down the length of your hair, mostly around the level of your ear. A smile method to make the look is pulling your hair into a ponytail and curling only the long section using a curling wand. We suggest applying a heat protectant spray first before using hair straighteners to avoid overheat damage. See our top pick best hair straighteners.

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Natural beach waves: In 3 minutes

If you are looking for a natural way to achieve beach waves this method is for you. It is possible to make wavy hairstyle by allowing your hair to air dry. Start by twisting your hair into two knots, securing them using pins if you needed after that allow your hair to air dry. We are finished!

To get better results, you can apply to leave in conditioner while your hair is damp. It is important to step to avoid frizz.

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Flat Iron and Twists: Only 2 minutes!

If you like using beach wave curling iron, the method is the perfect technique for you. curling iron makes hair wavy very fast. All you need is a couple of minutes, a hair spray and a hair straightener. Check our best hair straighteners’ reviews.

Divide your hair into two sections, make two twists then start using your hair straightener while curling your hair.

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Curling Iron For Short Hair: 4 Minutes

You need more effort to make perfect waves hairstyle than people who have long hair. Still, it is possible to make wavy hairstyle by following this easy-to-do tutorial. You can make your favorite summer look in less than four minutes at home. using flat iron will fix your hairstyle and prevent baby hair frizz. We recommend applying medium hold leave-in conditioner to hold the formed curls. For short hair start curling your hair after six inches of the roots. If you are curling your hair while wet, you can see our guide about how to blow dry your short hair at home.

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Beach Waves With Mixing method: 10 minutes

You can get beach waves hairstyle by using the methods on short and medium hair. All you need is a high-quality flat iron. What makes this technique different from other methods is that you are mixing your hair more than curling it. If your hair long or thick you can still use this method but it will take a longer time. if you have frizz this method is for you, it is totally worth it.

To do it right make sure you are forwarding the flat iron down and not using it horizontally while styling your hair. You can add a leave-in spray before straightening your hair and a holding spray after it to get beautiful hair look that lasts for a whole day. Learn how to dry hair fast without damage.

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How to Add Volume using a blow dryer

If your hair is straight by natural, you might find it difficult to make beach wave curls. A hair diffuser is a great option you should consider. It added volume to your hair. The hair diffuser is an attachment that you put instead of the dryer bowl. You might get this attachment with your blow dryer especially if you are buying a well-known brand hair dryer. If not, you can buy the diffuser alone. Just make sure that the diffuser size is the same as the front part of your hair dryer and the diffuser will fit in.

After washing your hair, put your favorite heat protectant spray then divide your hair into smaller sections. You can use any heat setting to make a wavy style. We recommend cool or warm heat setting as hot heat will straighten your hair fast and lay it down.

After that, hold a section of your hair in your hand and direct the diffuser towards it, coiling the hair around the diffuser. Lift the device up to the roots first. Drying your roots first will help you having wavy hairstyle rather than curly hairstyle as it will make your hair taller. Move the hairdryer in a circular motion so that the heat reaches the roots of the hair effectively. Try not to touch your hair while it is damp with your fingers to avoid hair damage. You can know that your roots are dry by feeling the elevation of moisture. Lower your diffuser moving to other sections. Don’t try the ends of your hair before finishing the roots. Avoid over drying your hair as it might cause hair frizz and heat damage. You can apply hairstyling sprays to make the best finishing off.

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In conclusion, we covered the best methods to get beach waves hair using a straightener. They are trendy and very beautiful, people would fall in love with your hair look! If you are thinking about getting a hairdryer with many features to make the perfect hair look or searching for best hair dryers, read our full reviews of best selling hair straighteners. We are should you will find what you are looking for in our guide.  


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