Exercise Bike Vs Treadmill: Which Is Better?


exercise bike vs treadmill equipment: comparison including benefits and negatives of both and general tips to help you keep fit.

Exercise bikes and treadmills are both considered very popular exercise equipment. There are available for home use and gyms. You can use them for increasing your endurance and for cardio activity. New models have many resistance levels to monitor your progress and break your own records.

Having an exercise bike or a treadmill at home is considered a good investment option. The aerobic exercise is very helpful to your body, both types of equipment are suitable for aerobic exercises.  During exercise your body releases endorphins. As a result, your muscle pain goes away and you feel better in the overall health of your body. Researches showed that doing exercise regularly is also helpful for people who are suffering from depression.

exercise bike vs treadmill comparison

To help you get the best exercise equipment for your lifestyle and working plan, we will show you the pros and cons of each equipment. There are many factors that you should consider to choose well. See more about recumbent bikes.

Exercise Bikes                              

  • Maintain flexibility of joints and muscles
  • Reduces the pressure on the back
  • Suitable for people who suffer from muscle pain
  • Suitable for people with poor balance
  • Screen display and record for your previous scores
  • Multiple tasks while exercising at home

  • Fewer benefits to bones
  • Burns fewer calories compared to other equipment.


  • Has an automatic shut off feature
  • Burns calories faster
  • Screen display and record for your previous scores
  • Many workout plans and programs to choose from
  • Better than running outside if you suffer from joints’ pain

  • Puts pressure on joints
  • Not suitable for people who suffer from back pain
  • Easier to miss your footing and trip
  • Not suitable for doing more than one thing at a time

So each equipment has its own benefits and drawbacks. See our full reviews of best exercise bikes on the market.

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Which Is Better For Burning Extra Calories

Exercise bike vs treadmill comparison should include this important feature. You are standing while doing your exercise on the treadmill. Exercise bikes are different as you are sitting to allow proper position although you can use it upright too. In general, treadmill workout burns more calories than a treadmill workout. When you run, all your bodyweight moves with you. at the same time, you can achieve the same results using any of them.

As the exercise bike puts less pressure on joints, you can use it for a longer period without any pain. Many people use exercise bikes at home for doing many workouts every day. If you have back pain, you can use a recumbent bike to reduce the pressure on the back. You can’t tell which is better as it varies according to your workout plan. If you can’t bear strong workouts maybe it is better to use an exercise bike. The most important thing about exercise is doing it every day.

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Exercise Bike Vs Treadmill For Flat Stomach

Are you trying to stay in shape and burn belly fat? Lucky for you, you can achieve a flat stomach by doing high-intense interval workouts. General workout and specified both can be done using both types of equipment at home.

Rowing machines are good for doing general workouts. They are very similar to exercise bikes as both give you a low impact exercise. To have a rowing machine, you need more space at your place which makes it not suitable for many flats. Also, they might cause noise while training and you need more skills to use it at home without injury or muscle strain. To avoid injury you can use it at the gym under the supervision of your captain or choose an easier to use an exercise machine. See our full reviews of best exercise bikes for home use and professional training.

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Exercise Bike Vs Treadmill For Losing Weight

You can use both equipments for during aerobic exercises. We expect that both are very effective in burning fats. They are also suitable for maintaining your healthy weight and lose weight lifestyle. To lose weight fast, remember to choose exercise equipment that you can use regularly. You don’t have to push on yourself at first. Within time you will find your maintenance and results are getting better.  choose the right equipment that makes your exercise time more exciting. The recumbent bike is great for doing at home workouts for a long time. Recumbent bike vs upright bike: full comparison detailed.

To burn some pounds, you have to change your lifestyle and change your diet. In general, the benefits of doing the workout at home are much for your short term improvement and long term health benefits. see more about benefits of exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are cheap and suitable for people who have lower back pain. It will help you practice workout without joints and back muscles problems. You can choose between a recumbent bike and upright bike. Overall, recumbent bikes are better for people who have muscle problems.

If you are going to invest in your exercise and healthy lifestyle, the best thing is getting both. Keep your workout plan interesting to encourage you every day to stay on track. If you can choose only one piece of equipment, consider the bike that will help you do many workouts. Multiple settings and resistance are challenging and motivating for a healthier lifestyle. Many of them have records to your previous workout so that your exercise time is more interesting and never boring.

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The nature of running is great for losing weight fast. However, if you suffer from knees problems, it would be much easier to do the exercise using an exercise bike. Riding an exercise bike is more convenient. It is a low impact exercise that doesn’t cause muscle strain or pain to joints. Exercise bikes workout is suitable for doing leg muscles a workout and general workouts.

If you are thinking about having an exercise bike at home, see our full reviews first. You will find more information about the best exercise bikes available. We include upright and recumbent bikes in our ultimate buying guide.


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