Epilator vs waxing vs shaving Full Comparison & Costs


Epilator vs waxing vs shaving: which one is better for removing unwanted hair? And which is more comfortable? This guide will help you find out.

There is an endless number of methods of hair removal. We will talk about the most commonly used methods. If you thinking about trying new ways to remove unwanted hair or not sure about your current skincare routine, we will tell you everything about hair removal methods. We are going to discuss the pros and the cons of each so you care to choose the most convenient method.

Hair removal is done through epilation or depilation. Epilation gives you great results. You can epilate hair through waxing, shaving or using personal epilator kit. At the same time, depilation is done through laser hair removal or IPL. it removes hair permanently giving you permanent results. While depilation removes hair in long term procedure, epilating methods are quicker and cheaper such as waxing and shaving.

What Is the Best Way To Remove Hair?

Each method has pros and cons, some of them you will accept while others might not. You need to understand each method before making your decision.

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Hair Removal Epilator Kits

This is a fast and convenient way to remove unwanted hair. Epilator is a small, handy device that has many tweezers on a roller to epilate hair in just seconds. When the roller rotates, unwanted hairs become trapped in the tweezers and removed from the roots. Epilator kits vary in size and number of tweezers from model to another. High-quality brands provide epilator with many attachments. You can de-attach the head, and attach another head to remove unwanted hairs from another area of your body. Learn more about how to use an epilator.

It is effective in removing tall and short hairs as it can reach them easily in no time. that’s why the results are long-lasting. Moreover, when the hair grows back, it is much finer. Some epilators are cordless while others are main powered. Also, if you have sensitive skin you can epilate your hair during shower by choosing an epilator for wet and dry epilation. epilators are great for removing unwanted hair from many parts of your body including the bikini area. Epilator. vs waxing vs shaving comparsion is always for the epilator because it provides fast results with minimal side effects. See our full reviews of best epilators on the market.

epilator vs waxing vs shaving

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Epilator Vs Waxing Comparison

Waxing is done through applying the wax the same direction of the hair growth and pulling the wax sheet in the other direction. It is easily done and gives you fast results. you have to exfoliate when you use an epilator to remove dead cells. If you are going to wax, no need for exfoliation because waxing effectively remove the upper layer of unwanted cells and allow your skin cells to renew. It gives long-lasting results the same as epilators.

There are many types of waxing materials. Some girls prefer pre-made wax. It is in the form of a strip, which you warm it between your hands then stick it on your skin. Others prefer waxing kit, which applies hot wax from the kit directly. Then when the wax hardens, you can pick it off using the waxing strips made for this purpose. There is no big difference between waxing materials, choose the method that you can master easily. While epilator vs shaving, epilator always wins as it removes the hair from the roots. 

While waxing gives you the same effect, it has many risks. If it is too hot it might burn your skin. Also, you should avoid direct sun exposure after waxing to avoid sunburns. See best epilators buying guide.

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Should I Shave Unwanted Hair?

Shaving is when you use the razor to remove seen hairs. It is usually done on wet skin in the same direction of hair growth to avoid skin damage. You can shave your whole legs in just minutes because razor removes only the hairs which are above the skin. In other words, it doesn’t remove the hair from the roots. Shaving won’t give you the silky-smooth results compared to other epilating methods. It is only suitable for temporary situations when you are in a hurry.

 Moreover, using razor will only cut off the hairs at an angle. When the hair comes back, it is much thicker and your clear skin doesn’t last for a long time. If you are using a disposable razor don’t use it on dry skin. It is always better to use a shaving cream or gel to avoid irritating your skin while shaving.

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How Much Does Epilating Cost?

Buying an effective epilator has a high initial cost but you don’t have to pay any extra expense on epilating after that. Epilator for your body costs you between $30 to $300. The cost varies because of the number of tweezers, the extra attachments, cordless or mains powered and also if it is suitable for wet and dry epilating. What is, more important, is buying an epilator of high quality. The more tweezers the faster your session is. In addition, they are more effective in removing very thin and short hairs.

Epilating the unwanted hair using an epilator is a great investment. You don’t have to pay any money after than. Only a few pennies per session for the electricity. moreover, some of them are rechargeable which means you don’t have to put it on power all the time. Most epilators come with 2 years guarantee to make you feel safer while purchasing your next favorite epilator. What is an epilator? and how to use it?

Waxing is cheaper than epilator in the initial cost but over time the cost is adding up. You need to buy wax after a while and some waxing kits don’t a life long. If you are going to wax your body at salons the cost is high. you could pay between $20 and $30 for only underarm waxing, and between $65 and $90 for a full leg waxing. Waxing kits price is around $35 and $60 while the wax beans cost is between $10 and $15 for each. It is not only about the money, but it might also lead to sunburns and heat burn.

Shaving cost is around $5 but is not a professional way as it doesn’t remove hair and cause serious damage to your skin.

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Now you know everything about epilator vs waxing vs shaving. We strongly recommend using the best epilator to remove unwanted hair. Epilator removes hair quickly and gives you long-lasting results up to 6 weeks. Also, the hair growth will be reduced within time. If you are thinking about getting a professional kit for home use, see our full reviews first to find the best epilator on the market.


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