Does Led Light Whiten Teeth


Does led light whiten teeth? is it safe? And does it give faster results? Read our full guide to know.

Teeth stain is a very big problem for many people. They lose their confidence and feel bad about their appearance. Regular teeth whitening methods are not as effective as led light teeth whitening. At the same time, in office teeth whitening is very expensive. We will help you find the right option for you and your budget.

Many people now use teeth whitening kit with led light. This kit is very easy to use and you don’t need to be professional to use it safely and effectively.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

The principle of teeth whitening is using a whitening agent that bleach your teeth without affecting the teeth itself. It works on the upper layer of the tooth. Dentists used to use UV light in teeth whitening. It was an effective method but at the same time, it might cause serious risks. Researches showed that UV light increases the risk of cell mutations and therefore increases the risk of cancer. That is bad for your teeth because your tooth gum is very sensitive.

Today, it is very safe to use led teeth whitening compared to blue light teeth whitening. We will discuss more leg teeth whitening and its benefits. know more about the cost of teeth whitening

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What Is Led Teeth Whitening

Led stands for “light emiting diode”. It is a type of device, which releases light. It uses an electrical current to do that. The light is formed of a single color. It could be very intense and brighten those incandescent lamp counterparts. LED lights are very effective in whitening your teeth if you compared them to other whitening methods. In addition, they don’t cause cell mutations as the UV light so they don’t increase the risk of cancer. In general, LED teeth whitening is a safer alternative to UV light therapy. There are many LED teeth whitening kits on the market. Read our reviews to know more about best teeth whitening kits for your budget.

To sum up, LED teeth whitening is safer than UV light. The sensitivity of your teeth is important. If you have sensitive teeth ask your doctor first before using led teeth whitening. LED whitening doesn’t cause damage to the tooth structure if you are worried about damage to your teeth

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How Does LED light whiten your teeth?

For the best results, you can use both LED light and tooth whitening agent. LED light treatment to whiten your teeth better by five to seven shades. In addition, if you used LED teeth whitening kit with a whitening agent, it will speed up the reactions and make you get whiter teeth faster.

The most commonly used agent is hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Carbamide peroxide works slowly but effectively. It can whiten your teeth by breaking down into hydrogen peroxide and urea. In fact, urea is a waste product. The hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient. It removes any stains and discoloration by changing their chemical structure safely on teeth.

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Are LED whitening kits safe?

LED teeth whitening kits are made for home use. They are much safer than kits using UV light but you should consider that you are putting a bleaching agent on your teeth. don’t over whitening your teeth. follow the instructions of the kit carefully to avoid any health hazards.

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What are the benefits of LED teeth whitening?

As we said, led light whiten teeth effectively. Here are the main benefits of using LED teeth whitening kit at home:


Many of LED teeth whitening kits are relatively cheap. You can buy best-led teeth whitening kit and only pay $100 maximum. You can use it anywhere and you will get impressive results. The results don’t last long compared to dentists whitening but they are actually effective and affordable. Usually, the results last for a few months.


You don’t have to schedule appointments to whiten your teeth every time. teeth whitening kits are made for home use so that you can get the best experience in your own time without paying much. See our full reviews about whitening kits here.


If you use teeth whitening kits at home or you are trying them for the first time, they are effective. all you need to do is following the instructions carefully. You might also see the results straight from the first try. For best results use the led teeth whitening regularly.

No UV radiation

As we said, teeth whitening kit with led light is actually effective. Now it replaces UV light and at the same time safer. It doesn’t cause cell mutations and doesn’t harm the tooth structure.

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How to prolong your teeth whitening results?

We will show you simple things you can do in order to make the results lasts longer:

Clean your teeth regularly

You should know that whitening your teeth doesn’t replace your oral hygiene. Remember to brush and floss your teeth twice every day in order to remove food debris and plaques from building up. This way you can prevent teeth discoloration and the tartar formation. You can try water-flossing kits to clean your teeth effectively. know more about the benefits of flossing here.

Quit Smoking

It is a waste of money and time to smoke. The whitening results won’t last long if you smoke every day

Drink Through A Straw

If you like fizzy drinks and drink them regularly, you can try drinking them using a straw. It minuses the contact with your teeth and make your perfect smile lasts longer.

Avoid Foods That Stain Teeth

There are certain foods and beverages that cause tooth staining. As an example: curries, tomato sauce, and sweets. In addition, tea, wine, and coffee affect your teeth and might cause teeth discoloration.

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There are many LED teeth whitening agent on the market available. You can save much time and effort by reading our full reviews about best teeth whitening kits available. We made non-biased reviews showing the pros and cons of each model. To read our review, click here.


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