The Most Dangerous Challenges For Today’s Teenagers..”And Solutions”


What are the most dangerous challenges that teens face today? and how to deal with each problem? and how to be the safe place for your child? this guide will help you understand your teen and enhance your relationship.

Teenagers from 13 to 19 years old face real dangerous challenges every day. They can be unpredictable. They face a massive amount of (mis)information on the internet. Also, the hormonal changes, puberty, social and parental forces add more pressure on them. That’s why many teenagers feel misunderstood. Parents need to approach their children during this stage of life and help them deal with teenage growth issues in a friendly way.

What Are Some Dangerous Challenges For Teens?

The common teenage problems that teenagers face nowadays are usually from:

  • Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem if one of the top teenage issues today. Usually, this happens to many children when they start a new stage of their life like starting high school or moving to a new town. Low self-esteem issue must be identified and treated to avoid anxiety, mood disorders, and trauma.

  • Feeling stressed

According to the data collected by the American Psychological Association for the Stress in America Survey, teens suffer from stress more than adults. They don’t realize how stress affects their mental and physical health.

Teens social problems at school are the main causes of stress. They want to get into a good college and feel stressed about their life after high school.

dangerous challenges

  • Bullying

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, around 20% of teenagers in the US experienced bullying in 2017. Social media influenced them and made bullying more public and more hard on teens. Cyberbullying is more dangerous than bullying. You should listen to your child and discuss such situations with him. Also, it is important to teach your child how to deal with such situations if happened. Talk to your child about how and when to get help from adults. Remind him that asking for help is not a weakness at all. It is the courage to ask for help in a critical situation. Talking about bullying is never easy to bring but you are the nearest person to him after all.

  • Smoking

Smoking is bad for health and causes serious heart problems, stroke, and lung cancer. People get addicted to smoking once they start. It is important to check if your boy tried such things at school. The best way to avoid such dangerous challenges is preventing them. Teach your children that smoking shortens life by 10 years or even more. Also, it may cause many types of cancer. It affects the heart, lung, teeth, and gum. Try to tell your child that smoking causes bad breath, bad-smelling clothes and increase the risk of illness. No one wants to suffer from colds and flu for life.

  • Underage Sex

You should open a dialogue with your child if you think he is having under 16 sex. It feels like there is never a good time but you have to bring such a topic to protect your child. Sexual activity in teens over 16 years old exists. Even if many parents won’t believe that the teens are sexually active. We suggest discussing such a thing with your child even if you are sure that he is not engaging in any sexual activities.

  • Obesity

There are many causes of obesity in teens such as genes, socioeconomic problems, and lifestyle choices. Treating excess body fat during this stage of life depends on the child age, heath and the symptoms he is suffering from. Treating obesity includes changing to a more healthy diet, doing physical exercise and supporting your teen for making the right decision. It is your rule to help him understand that excess fat can cause serious problems in the future such as heart diseases.

Obesity in teens might lead to more serious problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, and psychosocial problems. You can treat obesity in teens using these tips:

  • Focus on the whole family – by changing the dinner, lunch, and breakfast to more healthy diets. Don’t focus on your teen weight alone. Just make sure he is eating healthy food that his body will gain benefits from it.
  • Be his idol – if you want to prevent obesity, you must be a role model to your son or your daughter. They follow your steps that’s why you will find them doing the same as you.
  • Encourage him to do more exercise – you can participate with him in doing physical activities such as running, walking and playing football. This will affect your relationship with him in a positive way.

  • Choking Game

Millennial parents may remember the choking games which were common in the 80s and the 90s. Social media brings back such teenage issues today. The game uses limited strangulation to reduce the oxygen supply reaching the brain, causing the participant to faint. It is a very bad thing as it caused a number of deaths among teens. Make sure that your children are not engaged in such dangerous challenges.

dangerous challenges

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Communication & Safe Space

Try to open a clear communication channel with your teen to help him. This will enhance your relationship and increase his self-confident feeling that you are very close to him and care about him. You will find him more open to talking about sensitive topics such as abuse, peer pressure and cyberbullying. You must help him during teenage social problems like sex and dating, moreover, dangerous challenges like drugs and alcohol. Many teens are driven to do bad things just for curiosity. Don’t treat him bad as there are many things that he can’t understand yet. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Don’t spy on your teen. Instead, encourage him to tell the truth. Accept your child as he is and put your trust on him. This will help him trust and accept his personality and identity as it is and gets adapted to the environment easier. You should always respect your child and help him overcome all the problems he is facing. There are many possibilities of situations that your teen will face in such a stage of life. These all can be solved thanks to trust and acceptance between the teenager and his parents.

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Finding innovative ways to connect with your children and build up a healthy relationship with them will help them stand out in front of dangerous challenges. Parents support their children during this difficult phase of life. Bringing some topics to discuss with your teen might make him uncomfortable. He is not likely to respond with an honest answer from the first try. It’s okay, try to understand that teenage issues today are hard to tell especially if your teen is very shy. Even if you think that your child doesn’t listen to you, you are the most influential person in his life. It is important to listen to him and be nearby if he needed help.

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