Cost Of Teeth Whitening


what is the cost of teeth whitening using a laser? And advice before having professional teeth whitening

if you are thinking about whitening your teeth, you may ask yourself what are the available options? Is it suitable for my teeth? and how to achieve a perfect smile? What are teeth whitening prices? A lot of questions we will cover so make sure to read our guidelines carefully before making your decision

your smile says a lot about you and your hygiene. There are many things that may affect your smile including poor oral hygiene, smoking, drinking too much caffeine, soda and also, genetics. Don’t worry, there are many teeth whitening products that will help you keep your perfect smile all the time.

why you should whiten your teeth

it won’t only make your teeth healthier and improve your oral hygiene, it will also increase your self-confidence. Now it is very popular to whiten your teeth regularly. Many people have teeth whitening treatment safely. Actually, Americans alone spend more than $1.5 billion dollars on teeth whitening products every year. The annual teeth whitening industry is up to $12 billion dollars.

There are many ways to whiten your teeth starting from toothpaste for whitening to professional teeth whitening and laser teeth whitening treatment. We recommend asking your dentist first before whitening your teeth to avoid any sensitivity reaction.

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Factors that affect the cost of teeth whitening

There are many factors that will make you’re the cost of your teeth whitening higher or lower you should know

Your dental condition

Your oral hygiene and the condition of your teeth play a critical role in the cost of teeth whitening treatment. You may have tobacco stain, caffeine stain or more other types of teeth staining. Some stains need more sessions than others for a longer time. your habits also affect your treatment. If you drink tea, coffee or wine they might cause strong stains on your teeth. In addition, some foods and sauces leave color on your teeth.

It is not only about extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are also important when it comes to oral hygiene. If you have an infection or sensitive teeth you might need special medications.

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Laser teeth whitening at how vs in-chair clinics procedure

Having professional teeth whitening procedure gives you faster results than using laser teeth whitening at home. but it is more expensive and you need to make appointments and have free time for that. Using at home bleaching kits is effective for many people. They find it more affordable and easier as you can do it any time when you are free.

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Costs of teeth whitening methods

Teeth whitening at home

There are many teeth whitening kits for home use on the market. They are cheap and easy to use without the need for professional help and also they are over-the-counter kits. Who said you have to pay much money to get a Hollywood smile?

To use teeth whitening kits at home, the procedure only takes an hour or less depending on the kit you are using and your teeth condition. The effect of the teeth whitening lasts from a few months to years and it only cost you around $35! You can see our full reviews about best teeth whitening kits at home

Laser teeth whitening at the dentists

Having whitening sessions at clinics cost you much more than other whitening methods. The cost of your teeth whitening sessions depends on the types of stains and the degree of tooth discoloration. The duration of each whitening session is around an hour and its effect lasts between a few months to 3 years. The cost varies but it is around $500- $1200. It may be higher or lower depending on your teeth and your habits.

Your dentist will help you find out what stain your teeth. He will give you bits of advice about how to keep your teeth and gums healthy. All of that might increase your final cost but it is a great option to consider if you have enough money.

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How to get the best results from teeth whitening?

Don’t choose the first kit you see. Read reviews about best teeth whitening kits first. If you are going to use at-home bleaching kits, follow the instructions which come with the kit. Don’t over bleach your teeth. You won’t get better results this way! It needs some time and effort to clean your teeth properly.

The best time to do teeth whitening is after brushing your teeth. This maximizes your whitening results and helps you clean your teeth properly.

If you are going to have a dental cosmetic whitening, wait at least 14 days before whitening your teeth again in order to avoid teeth sensitivity reactions and right shade matching.

You can do brushing and flossing before whitening your teeth. To get better results, don’t drink any liquids that cause teeth stain and stay away from foods that do the same to your white teeth. This way your results will last for a longer time.

Brushing your teeth twice daily reduces stain and improves your results significantly.

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Pros of teeth whitening

  • Bleaches yellow teeth and improves your intrinsic stains. It is also effective in making your whole tooth white again. You might need a longer time to get the same clinic results but it is actually effective.
  • It doesn’t change your tooth structure or hurt it.
  • Could be effective for months or over a year.
  • Doesn’t cause tooth sensitivity as caused by dentists procedures. That’s because the bleaching is much less for home use.
  • A great option for people who have sensitive teeth or gum.

Cons of teeth whitening at home

  • Needs longer time compared to dentists procedures
  • It causes tooth wear if you over bleached your teeth

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Before paying much money on teeth whitening at dentists, you should try affordable LED whitening kits at home. Their prices are around $20 to $60. See our full reviews about the pros and cons of best kits on the market. It is based on customers’ review and professionals!

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