Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost – Pubic Laser Treatment


Brazilian laser hair removal cost, benefits, and reasons behind women applying Brazilian laser therapy. 

You can’t describe the feeling of stepping out of the shower with hairless skin after shaving or epilating. Imagine you can feel the same about your skin every day of your life – even these days when you have no time for doing personal hygiene routine. Brazilian laser hair removal will help you be more confident about your pubic area and your personal attitude. 

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments For Brazillian? 

The cost of hair removal for the Brazilian area is from $500 to $700 for the treatment on average. The price of Brazilian hair removal varies depending on many factors including the size of the area treated and the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired results. Also, the type of laser and the location of the clinic affect the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal greatly. 

Regular bikini area cost ranges from $150 to $450 per session in the U.S. While the Brazilian laser hair removal costs from $250 to $500 per session. If you are also considering removing the butt hair using laser it costs from $250 to $400 per session. Brazilian laser hair removal doesn’t always include buttocks hair removal. If you are having laser therapy at a clinic, ask the technician if the treatment included buttocks or not.

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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost in New York City 

If you are in New York City the prices are slightly different. For the bikini line, the cost is around $80 to $160 per session and up to $900 for the whole laser treatment. While the Brazilian laser therapy costs from $150 to $390 for the session and up to $1200 for the whole treatment

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How To Choose The Right Clinic For Brazilian Laser Therapy? 

If you interested in getting Brazilian laser hair removal, look for a doctor who is board-certified in cosmetic surgery or related field of medicine. The doctor must have experience with laser hair removal to ensure that laser hair removal treatment is safe. What if the doctor won’t do the Brazilian laser therapy himself? In this case: make sure that he will supervise the treatment and will be available during your Brazilian session. We don’t recommend spas and salons because the one proceeding the Brazilian laser treatment might not be a doctor. You should be cautious if you are not sure to ask for the certificate. Before your Brazilian laser therapy, schedule a consultation with the doctor to review the best laser hair removal option for your skin tone and hair color. The doctor will discuss the number of sessions needed and the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal. Find out info about laser hair removal for men

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How Do I Prepare for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Here are some tips to help you prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal and to avoid skin damage: 

  • Stay out of the sun – your doctor will advise you to avoid sun exposure before and after the laser session. You should do so for 6 weeks after Brazilian laser therapy. Also, if you have to go to the beach, you should apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen. 
  • Avoid lightening your skin – don’t use sunless skin creams or bleaching agents after therapy even if you suffer from skin darkening after laser therapy. It is okay, some people experience such side effects which doesn’t last for a long time. 
  • Avoid waxing – don’t wax or apply electrolysis during your laser treatment plan as this will disturb the hair follicles. Also, you should avoid other hair removal methods for at least a month before your laser session. 
  • Always shave – you should trim or shave the area you are going apply laser on a day before laser session. Shaving helps to remove the hair covering the skin which guarantees to get the most of your Brazilian laser treatment. Is laser hair removal permanent? find full answer.

Brazilian laser hair removal cost

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 What To Expect From Public Area Laser Hair Removal?

To get permanent results, you will need from 2 to 6 treatment sessions. The doctor will advise you to wear goggles during your treatment to protect your eyes. Public area hair removal causes moderate pain during the treatment. if you felt pain, ask your doctor to apply topical anesthetic to make you more comfort during laser hair removal session. In general, the laser light applied at clinics is more painful than the laser used for a personal kit as it is more powerful. Laser at clinics is of higher level. Also, the hair cycle affects the cost and the duration of the treatment. If your hair grows slowly, you will have fewer laser sessions. 

Some people notice minor side effects after Brazilian laser hair removal. Don’t worry, such side effects are temporary and usually disappear on their own. If you noticed that your skin is red or swollen after laser treatment, you can apply ice. You should avoid direct sun exposure after and between your hair removal plan. Many doctors advise their patients to stay away from the sun for 6 weeks after having laser therapy. 

Of course, you won’t get permanent results from the first session: there is no magic like that. However, you will notice a real difference from the first laser application. You will get the smooth skin you dream about over days to weeks. The repeated laser treatments will diminish the hair growth and help you achieve results that last several months and maybe for years! know more about laser clinics cost. 

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Brazilian laser hair removal cost at clinics is high. If you are looking for an affordable laser hair removal option, you should consider laser hair removal personal kit. Having a laser hair removal kit will help you get the same hair-free smooth skin at home without breaking the bank. In recent years, a laser at-home hair removal has become a great option. See our full reviews of best laser hair removal kits for home use. We are sure you will find something interesting for you. 

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