Airbrush Makeup Vs Regular Makeup


everything you should know before deciding to go for airbrush makeup or regular makeup to help you be most comfortable with your decision.

Many artists prefer airbrush makeup kit but it is not limited for professionals. There are many airbrush makeup machines for home use. Now it is popular for personal use and beauty women use them to achieve professional makeup style at home.

Airbrush makeup vs regular makeup

There is a big difference regarding airbrush makeup vs regular makeup. to find what’s best for you, you can do airbrush makeup kit trial. Many of them come with a trial period as you can return it if you are not satisfied with your makeup. Actually, once you try it, you will get obsessed with it. Airbrush makeup for the wedding is perfect as the makeup remains the same for a long time and available in many stunning colors. There are many brands on the market. Here you can find our review about best airbrush makeup kits and their prices on Amazon.

First, you need to know that is airbrush? and how to choose the best one for your makeup application?

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What is airbrush makeup machine?

Airbrush makeup machines consist of a stylus and an air compressor. It is similar to the kit used for applying tans but it is smaller in size. The makeup is applied in the form of small mists that’s why it gives better makeup application on the skin. Foundation applied using airbrush makeup vs regular makeup is much better. it provides perfect coverage of acne and scars. It makes your skin looks more natural and younger. Professionals use professional makeup kit to apply makeup to brides and brooms. It gives a flawless appearance!

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What is the traditional makeup?

Traditional makeup is the regular way of applying makeup. It refers to using your fingers, brushes or a sponge on applying your makeup. It is may be liquid, powders or a creamy gel. Using traditional makeup techniques to apply makeup is out of style now but they are countless variations available to choose from.

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Why to use airbrush makeup kit?

here are the reasons why many professionals prefer airbrush makeup kits over regular makeup techniques:

More hygienic

Another great benefit of using airbrush makeup kit is that you don’t need to touch the product at all. This means you can use it without fair of bacteria. Also, many professional makeup kits come with a cleansing liquid. You can use it to clean it from time to time and it is totally cost-effective. regular makeup requires using a brush or a sponge to apply your makeup which makes you at higher risk to get a bacterial infection on your skin. know more about what is airbrush makeup

Natural look

Many brides prefer airbrush makeup for the wedding. It gives a natural look, not only in pictures but also at the wedding time. that’s why you always see brides’ makeup more beautiful and healthy than regular makeup. professional makeup kit is suitable for applying layered makeup and preventing caked-on appearance. Using makeup kit is not for brides only, you can use it for all your special occasions.

Moreover, you can use it to make your favorite makeup style. It is actually faster in applying makeup and you won’t need much time to do full makeup on the morning before going to work

Portable airbrush makeup kit

You can take it with you anywhere! Some of airbrush makeup kits are not main-powered which make them suitable for outdoor usage. Sadly, most of them are main-powered.

Airbrush makeup is lightweight and you won’t feel that you are putting makeup on your skin. Regular makeup is much thicker and heavier which make it not suitable for sensitive skin. Airbrush makeup doesn’t cause allergy and allows your skin to breath without blocking your skin pores. Overall, it is safer to use airbrush makeup kit from a well-known brand than using regular makeup if you have sensitive skin.

Makeup lasts longer

The product and materials of airbrush makeup are made in high quality. Airbrush foundation lasts for more 2 years in most cases if you stored it in the right way. Airbrush makeup is also cost-effective as you only use a small amount of the product to cover larger areas of your skin. Traditional makeup is the opposite as you need more amount of makeup to cover the same area. Airbrush makeup is applied in a circular motion with leaving enough space between your face and the kit stylus.

You will learn how to use airbrush makeup machine easily. The reason why it is more expensive than regular makeup that lasts for a longer time. in addition, it is more professional in applying makeup.

Another amazing thing about airbrush makeup is that it can last for a full day. Don’t worry about kisses and hugs on special occasions anymore. The makeup is waterproof and gentle on your skin which makes it the best for hot days and occasions.

Personal color matching

Airbrush makeup kits are available in a wide range of colors to choose from. Choose the best color collection that suits your skin tone and your style of wearing makeup. collections cover all ages, all skin types and available in wonderful colors!

If you want to achieve professional makeup at home, you can get two or even more colors to get a more natural look and layer your makeup. don’t worry about that, it is very easy to learn how to use makeup kit and you can learn by practice which colors work best for you.

Layering your makeup

Applying a thin layer of makeup product is very easy using airbrush makeup kit. You will find the makeup distributed in an even look across your skin. You can also get an airbrush with a highlighter and bronzer to make your skin looks healthier and more natural.

we recommend using Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup kit to achieve a professional look at home:

Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup kit
Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup kit

Professional Fast Results Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup

$89.00 $139.00
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Pros of airbrush makeup

High initial cost

Its price is high compared to regular makeup. at the same time, products of airbrush last for a longer time and have a longer expiry date. You can use them for a longer time which makes the single application of airbrush makeup vs regular makeup the same or even less than regular makeup. the products and airbrush kit are expensive but they totally worth it.

Smaller range of colors

Most of airbrush makeup machines come with only 4 shades of colors. They are classified according to the skin tone to choose what is best for you. you might need to buy more shades to achieve professional makeup look. In addition, not all brands have all shades of colors available with their airbrush makeup kits.

This problem can be solved by layering your makeup and blending more than one colors together. You can do that easily using the airbrush kit. You won’t use a big amount of makeup to layer it or during your trial of color shades.

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In conclusion, airbrush makeup looks perfect in photographs, which make it the best choice for a wedding. It can withstand tears, rain, and kisses which will make you more confident about your look. While it has a higher cost than regular makeup, airbrush kit is a great investment for every beautiful woman who cares much about her style. You can see our review page if you want to know more about best airbrush kits for home use.


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